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 than just providing services. 

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This is my site where I write about making the most of freelance writing and writing in general.

Are you visiting me because you are seeking the answer for your writing and content development needs?

Congratulations, you are just in the right place and I can only tell you that your search for an able writer is done.

You only need to pick the writing services that best suits you and your business from below. And yes, if you have additional requirements then do not hesitate to talk to me. The short five columns form below will help you reach me asap.

What I have to offer you as a freelance writer?

1) Guest blogging solutions

I can help you with all the articles and posts which will make you proud to include backlinks to your site. I can write and post best of the best articles on your behalf so you get:
  • to build brand value,
  • quality backlinks,
  • exposure and traffic for your blog/site
and even more to grow your business exponentially.

2) Website content and Blog writing solutions

A study report published by Hubspot reveals the importance of blogging for a rational business growth. Blogging is important for any business not only for marketing and earning more revenues but also for providing more insights about the product/service or the company to attract more customers. Needless to mention the added benefits of traffic you receive due to the information provided on your site through blogs thus increasing the chances of more business.

So here, assign me to create the content for your site/blog and you just sit back and concentrate on your actual business worryfree!  

3) Ghost writing solutions

If you are looking for quality and insightful articles to publish under your name but written by a professional then I have the right services just for you. Your needs, your niche, your idea of the content, your name on the article but written by me for you. And that is confidential and just between me and you!

We can also do some business here on Queen's Quill site!

  • Guest posting
  • Giveaways for your products/Promotional articles
  • Advertising 
  • Reviews of e-books/books/products that might suite this blog

Why Should you opt for business?Lets talk some stats!

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Why should you hire me?

My natural abilities and the acquired skills from my quarter life span experience and the lessons learned by playing various roles in the drama called life will be added to the selected writing genre contributing more value to what I do professionally. 

Additionally the end product that you get are the blog posts and articles that are search engine optimized, readable and engaging. Any issues addressed in the posts will be well researched for the benefits of the readers. The posts will not only earn the extra traffic the site deserves but also the loyal readers.

  • I am a blogger myself and hence understand writing for online readers and search engines.
  • Knowledge of SEO and SMO will be an added advantage. 
  • Guaranteed quality and factual articles/posts. 
  • Meeting the deadlines has now become my second nature.
  • A social media enthusiast who is active on various social sites and ready to share for clients (an incentive!).
  • If you are looking for an authentic writer for your technology blog then I just want you to know that I hold a Master's Degree in Computer Science.

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Hire me for guest posting or as a blogger for your website and convert the qualified traffic into customers!

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