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Why you should write for Queen's Quill?

Here are the good reasons for writing at Queen's Quill.
  • As a token of thanks I will display a link/image (not more than 125x125) on home page in the side bar for a week from the day your post goes live on Queen's Quill.
  • A byline/author-bio description with two links either to your blog or twitter/social site will be given.
  • Right now I am accepting posts that are as short as 500 words, are you getting interested?

A few things that you need to follow to avoid that unpleasant message of rejection in your inbox and successfully get published on this blog.

I am strictly against PLAGIARISM. I expect you to come up with original, useful and quality posts. Please read the following guidelines before you pitch me your post.
  • The minimum word count should be 500 words.
  • Your submission must be error free, worthy, well-formated. 
  • 3-4 lines author bio with max two links (blog/site/twitter/facebook or any other social networking site). No affiliate links please.
  • The post you submit should be original and should not be published elsewhere earlier. I will own all the copyrights and you cannot re-publish the same elsewhere in future.
  • You can write for any of the categories on my blog. 
  • The posts that fits with the category early exposure are most welcome. Here in this category you may write about advantages and disadvantages of early exposure of gadgets, technology, science and internet. That is to say the effect on kids, childhood, youth and how they grow up with such hi-tech exposure at an early age. Please go here to get an idea of what the post should be like to meet the criteria for this category. Should you have any queries regarding this category feel free to contact me here
  • I always add a photo/image to my blog posts. You can provide me (optional) the same as along as you hold the rights or at-least you donot violate the rights of others work.
Here is how you can submit your posts

  1. You can contact me is through contact me form. 
  2. Please do not send full post for the first time. Just mention/pitch-me the title of the post along with 2-4 lines of description in the message section of the contact me form. I will get back to you with my mail-id and you can mail me the full post.

I may edit your post further to suit the needs of my blog and it's audience. I may remove, add or change information accordingly. I will inform you after publishing the post. Please feel free to visit for the interaction in comments section.

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Free advertising policy
  • Only those who write a guest post and are successfully published on Queen's Quill are eligible under this policy.
  • Your advertise will be live for a week i.e. 7 days on homepage from the day your guest post goes live on my blog.
  • You can either ask to display a link or image to your blog/site/product.
  • Image size must be either 75x35, 90x30, 100x100 or 100x200. They can be anywhere closer to one of these dimensions in exceptional cases.
  • Please provide the linked code of the image you wish to advertise.
  • In rear cases I may assist in writing the code for the same!