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I am a blogger who blogs on hire. I help blog owners with blog content that- 
  • not only draws attention but also improves Click Through Rate
  • not only engage readers but also increases Page View Time
  • not only brings in traffic but also instigates Social Sharing 
  • not only builds audience trust but also helps Convert

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When not blogging...

I am far from being a stereotypical home maker; at home full time but mostly dazzling the blog world online!

Going back in time; after I got my Masters in Computer Science I worked as Lecturer in Computer Science for undergrad in the same college where I finished my Bachelors in Basic Science. 

Flash-forward; I am married for over 7 years now and the journey has been amazing. When not writing I am a loving Wife to a software architect and a caring Mom to an amazing 5 years old son.

I consider myself a chronic creative aficionado! I love painting, creative ingenious cooking and weekend re-purposing DIY projects to name a few. 

I love music but more than that I love to catch the beats and hit the floor for rock-n-roll! I am a fashion enthusiast (like any other woman on this planet!) and a big time movie freak! 

A foodie who loves to dine in the finest places of the city when it comes to hanging out on weekends with family and friends. 

On holidays, you will find me in the womb of nature embracing its warmth which I believe is the gift to mankind. 

All in all, I am born to collect laughs and make a relentless commitment to love so I could taste the life in abundance. I am born to feel the beauty of nature and nurture my soul with creative enigma.  

I know you still need to know a lot about me!  

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I am less busy than you think when it comes to catching the pace of social media.

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