About me

I see life as pearls of words woven together to make a beautiful piece of jewel called book. I love to read and I love to write. My love for words is why I started blogging and my love for words is why I write for you!

Here is my face value! 

My expertise in writing for online audience started as a hobby which has now became my career. When the passion becomes career there is absolutely nothing like it. A freelance writer and a blogger at www.queensquill.com, I am always ready to write for clients seeking help with online web content, articles, blog posts and guest writing.

To mention a few of my commitments at present, I am a guest author/contributor at Lifehack.org, Computerandyou.net and Parentous.com apart from writing as a ghost writer for travel blogs, a lifestyle blog, a health & fitness blog, a fashion blog and not to mention short term projects where I deliver set of articles to various clients.  

I am now available to take up writing projects for your website and/or blog. Alternatively, I can best utilize my existing web presence to help promote your brand and build links for your site by the means of guest article submissions to blogs with good PR. Just click here... 

I am far from being a stereotypical home maker; at home full time but mostly dazzling the blog world online. Queen's Quill is where I bring out my inner-self and my perception about life, tech-savvy kids, freelance writing, about blogging, social media and more. The keyboard of my laptop is my quill and I make no mistake in letting out my thoughts on the digital paper of my blog.  

Going back in time; after I got my Masters in Computer Science I was a lecturer in one of the prestigious science college which was also the college where I finished my Bachelors in Basic Science. 

Flash-forward; I am married for five years now and the journey has been amazing. When not working I am a loving Wife to a software architect and a caring Mom to an amazing three year old son. My world mostly revolved around my son for the past three years and still he happens to be the highest priority in my life.  

Apart from my first love i.e. writing, I also love painting. I am a passionate pursuer of creative efforts be it artistic creations or culinary skills. I love music but more than that I love to catch the beats and hit the floor for rock-n-roll. Yes, I am crazy about dancing but that's just my private affair in the living room. I am a fashion enthusiast (like any other woman on this planet!) and a big time book lover. A movie freak and a foodie who loves to dine in the finest places of the city when it comes to hanging out on weekends with family and friends. On holidays, you will find me in the womb of nature embracing its warmth which I believe is the gift to mankind. 

I am born to collect laughs and make a relentless commitment to love so I could taste the life in abundance. I am born to feel the beauty of nature and nurture my soul with creative enigma.  

I know you still need to know a lot about me!  

Though I prefer a mail from you (dive here contact me), there's nothing stopping you from contacting me through one of the social mediums below. Do not forget to say hi to me, one among tweeple @QueensQuill or connect on other social networking profiles.

I am less busy than you think when it comes to catching the pace of social media.