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The perspective of online audience towards the information on the web is very different from the regular readers’ of books, magazines or any other print medium. Understanding the perception of electronic medium users and readers is very important and is vital for your success.  

Today people look for information on Internet because they are always in hurry and are looking for information that is easily accessible and to the point which gives them what the topic of the post promises. 

They do not have all the time to search for books and then go to the book houses to buy them. They do not even have time to place an order online and wait till it is delivered. 

What they are in need is quick fix for their problem and instant access to information. 

Remember that you are writing for restless souls who can’t wait to scroll down the mouse, whose eyes are tired starring at the screen and whose back is hurting over limited sitting on chair for may be decades!

Little is more so limit what you write and care for how you write. 

Writing for the Web becomes sure stairs to success if you consider all these facts before writing. I have listed out all the things you need to take care of while writing for online audience. You will also get a picture of how online readers are different from other traditional readers of print medium. 

1. Writing to the point

Online readers do not have all the time to begin reading your stories and long introductory paragraphs. Few lines of introduction and straight to the matter are recommended. 

Do not brag or rant; it’s a complete no-no for online readers. You must learn to write to the task oriented audience for whom time is money. I think you got my point and there is no need to elaborate on this and test your patience! 

2. Writing for the eyes which scan rather than read

Long narrating paragraphs are likely to take away the chance of your post begin read by the online readers. Whether the reason is that electronic papers glare away the eyes or simply because of short attention span of e-reading people, the truth is you need to convey your message and knowledge in just 5 seconds or less. Yes, you read it right. The attention span of online readers is really short and they just don’t read any articles completely or till end. They just skim your article and gauge the information by moving their eyeballs left to right and top to bottom. This paragraph you just read is definitely too big for online readers. And I am sure even you had bad experience reading this lengthy paragraph and didn’t bother to read whole of it and missed some values!

What you actually need to do is, shown below.
  • Use Sub-headings to the maximum giving the opportunity to readers to get the bigger picture of the actual content. 
  • Do not write large paragraphs, instead break it and write short paragraphs of 3-4 lines. 
  • Try to make the most of bullet point formats, which works wonders on the Psychology of online readers. 
  • Steal the attention and keep the readers engaged for long by forcing them to read rather than scan with the help of killer post titles, insightful sub-headings and by writing well formatted content. 
  • Use images consistently for the visual appeal that also gives greater understanding of ideas and concepts to the readers.

3. Writing while supporting your argument and information-

Online readers are constantly craving for more and in-depth information. But this doesn’t mean you should stuff your articles and posts with huge information. 


What I mean is you must link to appropriate articles to either your own previously written articles or to the ones, which are, relevant and found on other blogs. 

  • Linking to the source of information gives the readers a sense of authentication and therefore helps build trust. This will also help you to stop from spreading rumors.    
  • Linking to other articles that co-relates to some aspects of your post gives the choice and a chance for your readers to get more information and satisfies reader’s quest for instant details. 

4. Writing for mobile audience

Following the above mentioned points while writing for online readers becomes even more necessary since people these days use mobile or handheld devices such as cell phones, iPads, etc. to read. Information access on the go is increasing like never before.

Smaller screens as compared to the traditional desktops or laptops can only make it difficult to read your posts if they are not well-formatted, have long paragraphs or do not include links for instant access. 

I repeat, including links as appropriate becomes even more useful for mobile readers since browsing the web becomes a little tedious on small screen due to limited multi-tasking facilities especially mobile phones. 

Your job is to make the readers life easy by making your content more accessible. 

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