What You Should And Shouldn’t Look In A Freelance Blogger Before Hiring?


Blogging has become an excellent tool through which a company can best explain about its products or services. A well written blog will have visitors everyday and it will be viewed by people in search of your brand’s products or services. 

However the point to getting quality blog content is hiring an expert blogger, someone who can catch the mood right and present it beautifully in words. The blogger must be able to strike a chord with the audience by delivering value added information and solving real problems. 

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If you are seeking to hire a blogger to write your company blog posting, here is a look at top five points that are a must to check before hiring:

1. Look beyond the writing expertise– 

Good freelance bloggers can write not just killer blog posts but also be able to help you with blog strategy and planning the editorial calendar that converts.

Another aspect that you must look for is the ability of your freelance blogger to include another writing flavor in your blog. 

For example, if you want to announce a sale offer in your blog, it has to be written differently from other blog posts. Your writer should be able to flex their writing skills according to your requirements.

2. Have A Look At Their Portfolio Of Blogging– 

Good bloggers will have existing blogging work to show. This means they will have live links and urls to share with you that proves the trust brands/web-masters have in the content writer. 

They can show blogs on different subject and for clients from various industries to indicate their expertise, flair for writing, writing style and also the subjects in which they specialize. 

3. Ask The Price– 

This is an important point for hiring even though you might be aware of the standard writing charges of freelance bloggers depending on experience and expertise. Writers with more expertise will charge higher than the usual market rates. If you are looking for services within a specific budget, it would be best to talk about it upfront so that the writer knows your payment preferences.

4. How Do They Research On Your Subject– 

This is an important point to consider because you want to give credible content in your business blog. Ask the blogger about their research methodology, ask if they are experts in the subject in which you want content to be written or at-least if they have proven research methodology in your niche. 

A writer with expert research methods will give you quality, outstanding blog content, something that’s not easily found on the net, but which comes from insight and experience. If the blogger you are considering does not know how to retrieve accurate details on your subject or cannot show appropriate research skills, it is best to move to another candidate.

5. Ask To Write A Sample– 

This is the best way of getting to know if a blogger has the right skills or not for your job. Ask the writer to do a sample and see if it matches with your writing specifications. A good blogger will give you a post with bulleted points on important features, subheadings before paragraphs, use a high quality image (if that is your requirement) that perfectly reflects the subject and also include a call to action. 

The writing will have excellent grammar. The tone will be similar to what you expect or what is used in your blogs so that it gels well with what you want. If the sample does not have proper flow and formatting, it is best to consider another writer because you will need to edit the content heavily which negates the need for outsourcing your blog content. 

It will motivate them to know more about your company or even lead them to make a purchase. However there are things that you need not consider when hiring a blog writer. 

Here are some typical don’ts of blogger hire:

1. There is no need to check if their educational qualifications match with the subject of writing. Freelance writers are from a wide group of people ranging from journalists to even travel agents. All you need to know is if they have the passion for writing especially blogging.

2. While it is important that writers should know enough about SEO to apply it as required in their writing, there is no need for them to have in-depth knowledge about it like a SEO specialist. Working knowledge about SEO to write optimized articles should just be enough. 

3. If a writer has good expertise and experience do not consider their charges because you are certainly going to get the results you want by hiring their services.

4. But if a writer with intermediate writing skills excels in writing articles and press releases but want to take up blogging without prior experience, you can still consider them for the vacancy but after testing. Such a person will quickly learn on the job and prove to be more cost effective than others.

5. Its quality over quantity work that matters. Do not check primarily on how many articles a blogger can do but what kind of impact the person is capable of arousing with their writing and also its authenticity.  

An expert writer will popularize your brand with quality and engaging content that will be read by people interested in your products or services and also gets shared on social media. Look into these points and you can be sure of hiring an expert blog writer quickly. 


  1. I like most of these tips, but I would not recommend #5 unless you're paying them. I'm not sure if you're recommending clients look for free samples or paid samples. No top-notch blogger is going to offer a free sample, especially when they have tons of samples in their portfolio already.

    1. Hi Alicia,

      I totally agree with what you have to say. I myself wouldn't write samples for free and so don't recommend it either.

      What I really meant was get paid for the samples on acceptance.

      Though freelancers have portfolio it would be beneficial for the clients hiring people with little or no experience in a particular niche or for freelancers/beginners who don't have enough samples to show their true potential.

      Guess I couldn't make myself clear in this regard in the post above.

  2. Freelance blogger wow, I did not know there existed such a community so you saying I can actually HIRE people to write my blog hmmmmmmmmmmm


    1. I myself didn't know how commercial bloggers run their show until few years back. It's not a thing for personal bloggers and hobby bloggers.

      But yeah, people out there make money and earn their living through blog revenues and it just cannot be a one-man show! They hire people to write content, social media managers to build community, and marketing specialists, the SEOs, and more...


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