Small Businesses and Startups- Start worrying if you don't have a business blog yet

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As a small business, you have to successfully compete with other businesses in your niche. As a startup you need to build your reputation against all odds. 

You also have to deal with the competition that’s coming from medium to large scale businesses in your industry. 

Business blog for small business and startups

In today’s competitive business scenario, how to effectively reach out to the right audience, garner attention towards your brand and attract customer? 

One step that can help effectively is Blogging and it's really not a bull shit

Here's what the numbers are saying

Blogs are very good marketing tools. According to a survey by Hubspot
  • 92% of companies acquired a customer by blogging more frequently 
  • 81% of marketers believe blogging paid off 
  • 60% of businesses that blogged got more customers than those which did not.
  • 46% of people read blogs more than once a day
  • 40% of US companies rely on blogging for marketing success
  • 55% more website traffic which have blogs

You may be operating on a small scale, but the best way to show your knowledge and skills is by giving out valuable information through a blog. Many small businesses do not realize the power of blogging in business promotion and what it can do to build your online reputation and credibility. 

If you have not taken to blogging already, here is look at the top six reasons as to why starting a blog can help your business:

1. Get up, close and personal to your customers–

As you start writing a blog you find yourself delving deeper for information and learning how to please customers by giving them what they like. After you write a couple of blog posts, you will start giving details in a very understandable form. 

In short, you will look at things more from the customer’s point of view which gets you closer to them. A blog will enable you to easily engage with the customer. 

For example if a customer poses a query and you respond immediately to this the customer knows that you are keeping track of their concerns. By doing so with the help of a blog post you will document it permanently and help multiple customers with similar problem in one go.

All this endears your business to people and brings customers to you store. 

2. Get Good Page Ranks And Visibility – 

Blog content that has the right keywords will be quickly indexed by search engine spiders. A link in the blog back to your site will bring more visitors arrive at your site. 

It will help to enhance your site’s page rank and online visibility. It will also make it more easily accessible to search engines and people actively seeking your products. This helps to enhance site traffic of relevant prospects, attracts customers and triggers sales. 

3. Cost Effective Marketing - 

It is not going to cost you anything to start a blog but it can be used in so many ways to attract customers and get people to buy your products or take up your services. 

Blogs are the best way of spreading information about a product or service. You can easily show your expertise in blog posts and popularize your brand. 

Just a lame reason of 'no time to blog' will take you nowhere.

When you can hire an SEO specialist who strive to build traffic unnaturally using black hat SEO techniques (!) then why can't you hire a blogger who can help with awesome blog content and bring leads to your website naturally? 

Either start blogging yourself or hire a blog content writer in your budget and spare yourself from wasting money in advertisements and useless marketing media. 

4. Making A Product Announcement Or Sale Offer – 

How do you make people know that you have a sale offer or a new product?

Spending money in large print advertisements, radio ads or television ads is expensive, particularly for a small business.  

Announce it in your blog and you can see for yourself how many people come to your store after reading the offer. This happens largely because people are actively searching for such details on the internet more than anywhere else, so giving such details in your blog has a greater impact than other advertising media.

5. Build Trust And Trigger Sales – 

Writing about issues that concern customers in your blog or showing your expertise on how consumers can get the best deal or offer helps to build trust with them. People will call asking about what you have written. 

The post will let them know your expertise, the high quality of your service and how it helps to resolve their problem. This brings in more phone calls on your products or services and trigger sales.  

6. Start A Blog Community – 

You can show how popular or well-liked your business is by initiating a community in your blog. The comments section of the blog is a great way to do this, with a group of people sharing their beliefs and feelings about your products or services. 

When they show their appreciation for your brand, it builds a positive image about it to people. They are running testimonials and live referrals. 

Those searching for information on your brand will find it a great way of getting details as they can read experiences of others and what they think about your product or service.

The bottom line is- 

Blogging is very important for a small business and startups as it can garner excellent publicity and attention towards them. It can also help them to reach out to those customers whom they could not have otherwise accessed. 

The reason for this is because blogging helps to spread awareness to a large volume of people in a short while on your own terms and conditions as a owner, which positively promotes brand awareness and sales figures. 



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