5 Mistakes Your Business Blog Content Strategist Is Doing- Set Them Right Now

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Do you have a blog for your business which is not generating enough leads and customers?

Are you wondering where the problem lies even after hiring a 'good blog content strategist' and an 'online marketing professional' as well as an 'industry top SEO specialist'?

This (the blog content strategist) could be your potential problem camouflaged under high working experience and wonderful portfolio! 

Content is king and everyone marketing through the internet knows it. It’s how well you appeal to people with information about your products or services that captures consumer’s interest and triggers sales. 

If you have set up a business blog, but cannot find expected results from it, perhaps it is time to check out what your blog content strategist is doing. It’s not uncommon to find them succumbing to some mistakes because of which the blog does not get the kind of targeted traffic it should. 

There is more to building a successful blog for your business than just identifying the goals of your blog and its audience.

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Here is a look at five mistakes your business blogging content strategist is doing and how to set them right: 

1. Not Having Quality Content – 

In the process of making your brand look good, much of the information is promotional rather than informative. Nothing bores a reader more than just plain marketing lingo. They don’t want ads. What a visitor is seeking is quality content that gives them valuable information, something that they can read and have a problem solved. This is what your strategist should focus on. 

The content should be well-written, but give valuable information that the reader can use to make a decision, know more about your product or learn about your service’s features etc. Creating content that tackles your audience’s needs and interests or which addresses their problems will automatically attract visitors and traffic. 

2. One Type Fits All – 

Your blog strategist is posting good content, but it’s the same across all platform and audiences. This does not work well. Various industries and markets have different audiences so tailor your content accordingly. Every customer group that your brand is targeting will have a specific content need and addressing how they like to read content helps you get across to them far more effectively and engage with them positively. 

Submit your information not just in the form of articles, but also blog posts, video, Twitter chats, Webinars, Presentations, White Papers etc. When using any particular content form, consider how much the audience will like it in order to achieve higher success rate with it. 

3. Going Viral By Yourself – 

Setting up a Facebook and Twitter account all sounds very easy and it can be setup quickly. However getting results from it is not what you think. 

If your blog strategist has done this and the results are not what you wanted, have the strategist hire an expert blog content writer or team and distribution service so that your brand reaches out to the right audience. 

This can prove to be a wise investment rather than doing any trial and error activities by yourself.  With so many brands using social media sites and the current standard of a good post being 100,000 views and a click-through rate of four percent, getting results requires experienced hands.

4. Content From The Heart –

One problem that is seen quite commonly is when people try to ‘sound right’ or ‘like what good business should behave’. If your blog posts are like this, chances are that few will remember what it was discussing. How many of us remember people who were well behaved in school, but the prankster certainly brings back memories. 

Your content does not have to get wrong attention, but should be colorful enough and from the heart. It should inspire readers to come back again and give good, insightful information that addresses their concerns. 

They should want to download what you offer after reading the post. Being a bit outspoken, bold and coming out charismatically is also essential to generate engaging content. 

Yeh ya, the so called 'blog content strategist' did this hit your butt!

5. Shouldn’t Be Too Promotional And Find Your Audience –  

Good content is not about how great your product or service is and this is a very common mistake that businesses make. In trying to promote your brand, the blog strategist may talk only about the best qualities of your brand’s products or services. 

Your blog strategy should be based on content that is tailored according to customer’s needs. It should clearly show how your product or service is addressing their problems or how it is giving a solution to them. This can be done in different and creative ways to engage readers interest.

Another mistake is thinking that just creating content and posting it will bring visitors. What needs to be done is finding out the right audience, reaching them where they are, enticing them with your offer, after which you will find them coming to your site to make a purchase. 

Conclusion- Creating the right content requires careful attention to detail, excellent presentation, talking from the heart and showing how your product or service addresses a consumer’s problems. Only then can your blog garner the attention you want and drive quality traffic to your website to trigger sales. 

After all, business blogging is all about generating leads and converting them into deals. This happens only if you can build trust by solving real problems and touching the emotions of your prospects. 

What your blog content strategist needs to understand is- Business blogging is more than just generating traffic; it is building customer relationship unlike regular blogs who are traffic oriented and ad revenue makers. 

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