A good Content Writer never mixes Web Content Writing and Blogging

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It has been observed that many writers find it difficult to distinguish between blog writing and web content writing. There are a few writers who select the same tone for both kinds of writing. This is actually not the right way to do the “business”. Blogging and web content writing are two different ways of expressions and this is the reason why a good writer never mixes them, ever. 
Differences between Web content and blogging
Before mentioning the differences between these two, let’s first understand what they actually are:

  1. Web Content Writing 

    Web content writing is carried out for websites. In short, the information and write-up that is available on websites is known as web content (web content writing). Web content writing includes a thorough research of keyword placement in the content. This kind of writing is sales oriented and professional. On websites content writing mostly remains same and does not change more often. To make it more clear, web content includes content for pages like about us, home page, careers, contact us, services, FAQs etc.
  2. Blogging 

    Blogging can simply be defined as fun. Blogging is a way of communicating with people. Its tone is informal and expressive. A good writer always tries to focus to the needs of different readers. There are thousands of readers who visit multiple blogs and share their expressions, aggressions and experiences. And a blogger always responds to them, hoping that he never loses traffic. Blogs are usually created to either divert the web-traffic towards the websites (in case of business blogs) or to get noticed as a writer / blogger (personal blogging).

Blogging is Informal unlike Web Content Writing

An experienced writer always knows that unlike web content, blogging is informal. One can use jokes, real life incidents and experiences on blogs but never on websites. This is the reason why web content is about seriousness, vision, mission, theories and pitching the sales. On the contrary, blogging is all about interacting with readers who can be customers or just readers. Blogging has a personal touch whereas web content revolves around professionalism.

Is Blogging Easier Or Web Content Writing?

People have different approaches; some people think that blogging is easier because it’s about expressing natural things. On the other hand, there are also many writers for whom writing web-content is easier because of the set parameters and more specifically they prefer to write serious and “to the point content”. Which out of the two is easier is totally a writer’s personal inclination and expertise.

For Blogging a Writer can get a bit Clumsy

It has been observed that bloggers use easy language and at times they use some words which can be clumsier, for which they also receive some comments (better say corrective statements) from their readers. In web content writing, one can never think about going off the track because of the fact that it is serious kind of writing and different companies and clients are targeted through the website.

Web Content Writing Is Sales Oriented Whereas Blogging is A Means to Communicate with Readers

It is a well-known fact that web content is targeted towards increasing the sales and customer base whereas, blogging is a way to communicate with the readers (these readers can be direct clients, customers or simple readers). A writer should know that web content writing involves serious words but in case of blogging he may use a tone that is friendly, interesting and informal.

Author’s Bio:

I am Shafiq Ul Hasan Siddiqui, founder of EOPAK.com and Content Analyst at Linkagoal (goal based social networking site). I love to write and maintain my personal blog i.e. Shafiqpenworks. I have an experience of 6 years in content writing. You can get to know more about me by connecting on Twitter @shafiqulhasan81


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