Why bloggers should not be on every other social networking sites!

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This is the decade where everyone is talking about branding, building online-reputation and gaining a huge fan following to increase internet visibility. It's a common notion that is spread across the web like a wild fire that you need to exist on every other social networking site to market your content and generate leads to the products or increase traffic to your blog. 

However, this might not be "your" requirement at all! But how do you know if you really need to show up on most of the existing social networking site or not? Let's begin by answering some of these simple yet complicated questions.

1) Why do you feel the need to make your social media presence? What is your purpose?  

Be clear of your purpose. List out all the points that you think make you qualify to register on all the or at-least most of the social networking sites. You may be selling products or marketing affiliates or seeking traffic to your website or blog or may be you are doing non of the these. Just come up with your list to be clear of your purpose for registering on any social media.

You will soon realize that you have little time and no purpose to get an account on many social sites.

2) Do you know who are your customers or blog audience? 

Analyzing the sex, age, country or work background of your blog audience is crucial. This is not only helpful in generating the content for your target audience but also lead you to the right marketing strategy and picking the right social networking site to begin your journey.

For example: If you are writing for women or parents then "Pinterest" would be your best option to consider other than some generic social networking (Facebook, Google+, StumbleUpon, twitter, ...) sites you may already be active on.  

3) Have you hired any social media manager (or other staff) or intend to do so?

If you are an one man army who creates content/products and also markets them then you might want to strictly monitor your steps. Doing all the things alone will not only eat up your time but also can be very stressful to manage. Unless you have hired a social media manager who efficiently takes care of all your social media updates and marketing you better stay out of getting rolled up in too many social networking sites. You have every chance of loosing focus on content creation and hurt your source, your blog.

4) Is your online presence your day job or is it another source of income or an hobby?

If its your only source of income and you believe you have all the energy to put and also you think you can do just about anything to make your blog popular then you may think of joining more than five social sites. However, if you lack this kind of zeal and you have a day job to finish then this might not be the right thing for you to do. Too much will only spoil your online reputation not being able to keep all the sites updated.

It's important to find answers to all these questions before you decide to register your name or brand on all the social networking sites. There are many constraints that you may have to face in future and the biggest of them all is the time constraint. It is always better not to begin something you cannot manage rather than starting it and not being able to stick to your commitments. 

Social media presence is very important for any blogger to generate traffic and build audience for the blog. But trying on too many social networking sites may do more bad than doing any good. 

  • Being on every other social site gets you easily distracted.
  • As part of social media presence you also need to respond to your followers' comments and direct messages, think of your time.
  • You are basically taking off your focus from your main job i.e. blogging.
  • The more the number of social media sites you are active on the more the need to keep yourself abreast of latest happenings and inclusions to those sites. This can be good (if you blog about marketing and social media) or bad depending on your requirements.
Registering on some of the very popular networking sites which can almost be termed as Generic social sites is no doubt necessary. But my only advice is about choosing the right secondary or specific (as I would like to term it) social sites. Be picky before registering on any social media and stick to the type of social media which might have the right followers as your blog audience. 

If you are a beginner or if you are thinking of increasing your social media horizons then generic social sites are the best to start with. Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, StumbleUpon, etc are few such sites that you just cannot miss!

Do you believe in quantity over quality? How many of the social networking sites you are active on and which are they? Do tell us...
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