How to find blogging jobs as freelance writers or freelance bloggers?

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As freelancers, we constantly need to keep hunting for jobs and projects to keep ourselves busy with constant flow of work. This is part and partial of all the freelancing jobs be it freelance designing or freelance writing.

Today in this post I would like to share a couple of great and effective ways for finding blogging jobs as freelance writers.
Tips to find writing jobs

1) Research and hunt together-

Freelance writers ought to do some research for every single article they write and I am sure even you do the same. It is likely that you Google your research query and get all the information you want to complete your insightful article. The sights that show up on first or even the second page of search results are the ones that are reliable for information, have great content and also high Page Rank. To be precise they are quality sites.

While you finish off reading and jotting the essential points to relate your article, try to look for jobs on those sites as well. Closely try to locate the pages with titles like Contribute, Write for us, Hiring, Jobs, Careers, Guest post, etc. You can find these typically at the bottom of the site, in the footer, static pages or even categories or below/above the header. Also, some sites highlight these as ads in the side bar.

Most of the sites with such titles only offer a couple of links back to your site and no fee is paid for your guest posts. However, there are also few of them who are willing to pay for writing guest posts (I am trying to come up with an exhaustive list of blogs which pay for guest blogging, you can expect the information anytime in the next week, keep watching this blog). Some are trying to find quality writers to hire as regular content providers and some pay per article/guest post.

You can apply right away before the available positions get exhausted or you can save or bookmark them and consider to write pay per post guest articles in your leisure to fill the gap of your irregular work flow.

2) Finding blogging jobs through search engines-

Many new sites or blogs which dream of making it big in the blogosphere would have a dedicated page "write for us" or "Guest post" or similar. While most of them are aired to attract guest bloggers to post articles for free with a byline and a couple of links back to their blogs or social media profiles, there are few others who pay you right for substantial articles.

Effective use of search engines with target search terms can find you freelance writing jobs more easily than you think. Here is the list of search terms you can try to find your well paid writing jobs:

  • Write for us (combine any niches you are interested in like travel, food, leisure, lifestyle, sports, etc). Example: Health write for us
  • Contribute (include niche). Example: Contribute Fashion
  • Hiring writers... Niche
  • Guest post... Niche
  • Guest posting policy... Niche
  • Looking for writers... Niche
  • Writing jobs .... Niche
  • Blogger jobs write for us...... And more
If you are comfortable writing in any niche and not looking for particular niche blogging jobs then you can exclude the niches in your search terms.

These are my ways of hunting for jobs. This keeps me away from wasting time biding for peanuts and also am spared from sharing my earnings with the content mills as commission for finding me gigs. I always like to deal with the site owner directly, negotiate and stand a chance for myself to get paid what I am worth while.

How do you hunt for freelance jobs online? Do share your tips and tricks with us.

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