Online today, loss of memory tomorrow!

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Over use of technology leading to memory loss
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Techie parents and techie kids together are getting geeky (to use the slang!) over gadgets and internet. Be it just a phone number or reminding a task to be accomplished everyone on this planet seems to have been dependent on mobile phones rather than trusting their memory. 

Although the primary reason for forgetfulness might be the lack of focus and concentration as stated in this article on ABCNews, going over board and depending on gadgets and technology for accomplishing the tasks that are otherwise the duties of human brain can train your brain negatively in the long run. 

Check lists and to-do lists are ruling the fridge doors and desktops. Alarms and reminders on cell phones start hauling irrespective of the place one is. You see articles on-line spreading like viruses on how to remember important tasks (important and yet we forget!) and how to manage time by maintaining a to-do list. 

We google and save the map to our destination or use gps system in cars to navigate even for a short distance. Our mind has become so lazy that it resists the idea of remembering even a few milestones and names of the roads. We tend to open the calculator on phone to make simple additions and subtractions (which even an illiterate road side vendor would do easily to sell his vegetables). 

The more the involvement online, the more the indulgences on variety of sites that require login information; the more the confusion. Who wants to remember so many passwords and usernames? The answer was ready for all the giants who use hundreds of sites a day which requires them to login- the mantra is "just one password", the password to "lastpass". Have you heard of it yet, I am sure you do!

We think it is cool for our kids to open up a calculating tool on phone or tablet and finish off their mathematics home work without our intervention and assistance. At every stage of life we are making our kids dependent on gadgets and technology for performing their day-to-day tasks. Parents at home do it all the time; why not we choose the easy route then?

The memory cards and hard-disks are increasing at a faster pace replacing the traditional kbs (kilo bytes) with mbs (mega bites) and then gbs (giga bytes) now with tbs (tera bytes). The scenario is that not one but multiple tera bytes of external and internal hard-disks have been maintained by people. No matter for what (office files, photos, projects, etc) the fact is that we are in to such an era where it has become impossible for us to survive with out digital memories. 

1) Loss of memory due to laziness and tech-savviness

First of all I suggest you read this article and know how crazy can this world get and depend on technology over their brains! Are you one of those who do not even bother to remember the phone number of your spouse or parents? Do you use online dictionary to find the meaning or spelling of even simple and small words? Then wake up and get going slowly; make use of your own memory rather than the digital one to store the information which comes in handy when in emergency and when you loose your mobile memory! Brush up and clean the rust off your brain before it gets damaged to an extent that you need to put it in bin!!! Our brain and our memory too needs some exercise to get strong and stay fit through out our life. Puzzles, memory games, Sudoku, tough calculations, etc are not only fun but are also the best friends of our brain.  

2) Loss of memory due to the interference of EMFs and ESI

Now, begin by reading this article and know how waves and frequency interferences can bring you closer to memory loss. Keep yourself abreast of how many hours a day are you directly or indirectly exposed to Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMFs) and Electromagnetic Static Interference (ESI). Monitor the time and frequency of gadgets that you use. Also make a note of different kinds of gadgets and technology you use on daily basis. Gather information on what kind of frequencies and/or radiations do they emit. Learn to take precautions and stay away from them as much as possible. For example: Do not sleep overnight keeping your mobile phone under your pillow rather keep it in a different room or still better switch it off!  

The so called modern day gadgets and technology who help organize our life and save time are actually the greatest enemies of our memory.

How do you manage to stay away from technology and depend on your own memory? Do you give your brain some exercise, how? Your tips and advices would help our community more than you think. Please share your thoughts... 


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