New Google Plus Communities- Step by step guide to create your community

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Google plus communities- What does this mean?

Setting up G+ communities

The tag line on the official Google+ site under communities says- 
“Talk about the stuff you’re into with people who love it too”. 
Sounds interesting!

Let's take a look at the features first:

  1. You have a choice to make your group private so you could engage your family and friends with your private affairs. Or, make your group open to public so you could attract people of same interests and do some great business. You can either choose to restrict people to join with permission or just allow them to join anyway. 
  2. No matter what you are interested in, you will always find one or more communities to chill. Join the communities which share information of your interest and indulge yourself in discussions and learn new things you always wanted to. Also get free tips, tricks and tutorials to get the right solutions for your problems from the fellow members of the group. 
  3. Do not hesitate to share some love on G+ communities! If you find any photos, videos, articles or stuff that you think the community would enjoy or be benefited then please do with the help of share or +1 button on sites and pages. 
  4. One of the most important and useful feature that is unique to Google Plus is Hangout. Apart from engaging your prospects and customers for business through discussions in feeds you can actually host scheduled hangout so you could build face-to-face relation. I haven’t seen such an awesome feature on any other social platforms, have you?

Setting up your Google Plus community is so easy that you will start feeling  the toughest part of it is to come up with a name to your community :)

  • Before you begin, decide the name for your community which defines the purpose and interests making it stand out from other communities.
  • Draft your tag line that is catchy and conveys the message of your community to every new visitor.
  • Pick a photo that defines your community which also clearly brings your brand out to public. Make it in-line with your logo while it also relates to the name and purpose of your community. The size of the image would ideally be 200-pixel wide by 250-pixel tall.
  • Now begin with the actual set up... 
1) Sign In to your Google Plus profile (assuming you have one). 
2) Click on Communities tab on the left hand side.

Setting up google+ community

3) Then find the Create A Community tab towards right and click it.

Step by step guide to create G+ community

4) Now in the pop window choose your preference wisely whether you want your community to be public or private. Your setting is permanent and you are not allowed to change your privacy later. 

Private or public preferance for G+ community

5) Name your community and set your preference if you want people to request permission to join or not. Then hit create community.

Naming and permission to join G+ community

6) Upload a photo, write the tag line, complete your about section (mainly about community and may be a line about you) and add discussion topic. Click Done Editing button.

Name, photo, tagline on G+ community

7) You are done with creating your first community on google+.
8) Go ahead and invite people to join the community and spread a word in your g+ profile about this new community.

Is this new concept of communities similar to “Groups on LinkedIn”? How do you think G+ communities are different from LinkedIn groups?

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  1. "The size of the image would ideally be 200-pixel wide by 250-pixel tall."

    Minimum width for google community pages is 250 pixel.


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