It's Not What You Learn, It's The Way That You Learn It is important

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“Nothing you learn in school will ever be used in real life” is a common misunderstanding held by people who are educators. What most people do not understand is that it's not what you learn. It's how you learn it.

Few people will never need to know how a frog's body works, but studying frogs, teaches students about their own bodies. When throwing the winning touch down, the quarterback is not thinking about his physics homework. Yet if he did his physics homework, he knows how fast and at what arch to throw the ball to score. After graduation, no one will ever have to write an essay. However, from cover letters to insurance claims, adults have to write constantly. All that essay writing helps them write clearly.

What we learn in school give us the building blocks we need to throughout our lives. We learn to communicate clearly, calculate quickly and reason accurately. This is the point of all those sometimes fun, but usually boring lessons in school.

Your Teacher Was Right

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