Image advice for bloggers

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Image advice for bloggers
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Any blogger will acknowledge that their 500-1000 words of text sometimes just isn't enough. Whether it's seconds after accessing the page or after scanning through four paragraphs of unbroken text, some readers are heavily influenced by presentation. It's a blogger's duty, therefore, to compliment their entry with engaging themes, fonts and, perhaps most importantly, a few carefully-placed images.

Image selecting has become a staple for amateur and professional writers around the world as it allows them to quickly convey a message. Some won't even start their text before listing a thought-provoking headline and an image below. That's right, they believe people want to be told exactly what they're about to read before reading it. The text then expands on this point and aims to bring an individual's view to the fore.

However, as with most things, there are ways to image placement well and there are ways to do it not so well. Here's a little quality guide for bloggers seeking their own screening process. 

1) Relevance > style

A quick scan through your stock image provider's library will reveal some quite breathtaking captures. The only problem is, most of them will have absolutely nothing to do with your topic, target audience or blog. Going for style over relevance will only leave your audience confused by the text that follows. Images serve as a vital component in your blog, breaking up the text and saving you hundreds of words (thousands, if you live by the well-known phrase) explaining a particular event or setting. Look for a natural connection between text and image to help your piece flow. 

2) If you’re serious about blogging, always outsource

Think about all the time you spend retouching skin blemishes, removing a speck on the camera lens, injecting some much needed vibrancy into the photo. This could have been spent fine-tuning your article, focusing on your actual duty as a blog writer. You should be leaving the additional fields to the professionals.  

Stock photos will give you all the quality you need without the so-called obligatory purchase of a pricey SLR. Bloggers feel they need to take their own high-res images to make their piece all the more authentic, but there's no sign above your work saying 'I took this' unless you put it there yourself. Stock photos and downloaded themes save both time and money when it comes to creating an engaging space on the web. Use them. 

3) Avoid boring, generic selections

Easier said than done, this one. You'll only realise how boring and generic your images really are by taking a good look around the competition. Judging by the evidence, website designers think a picture of a laughing family, strolling along an English countryside, looking at each other with glee are ideal for, say, an article on hill climbing. In reality, they turn people off. 

In this instance you'd be much better off searching for an awe-inspiring picture of the location in question, maybe the matter at hand. This will relate specifically to your article and will encourage people to read on. The pictures that command attention will also ensure that your text isn't being ignored and that users don't sift through your piece. With the number of high quality selections available, you shouldn't settle for anything less.

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