Are You a Schizophrenic Writer?

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When creating guest blogs it’s vital that you can put yourself into the lives of others.  Writing guest blogs is fine if you are writing for yourself.  You already have the stories to tell, understand what it means to you and others are interested in the same topics and relate to your target audience fully. However, sometimes you may not have time to spend creating the unique post, or you might find it difficult to express yourself with pen and paper. These are common problems in organizations of all sizes and industries, but that doesn’t mean you have to ignore this vital area of link building and marketing. 

Good guest blogging

Being Comfortable in Someone Else’s Skin

Copywriters have to have the ability to research, empathise and express their thoughts from the point of view of their client, or their audience. This isn’t an easy task for everyone to achieve. You can let thoughts and emotions stand in the way, some people find it hard to fully understand what it’s like to be in that position and therefore the post seems fake, forced and certainly won’t convince the reader that’s its genuine.

When you are working with copywriters you must ensure that the writers on the team are dedicated to your cause. In a way you are hiring actors and actresses who prepare for their part.  Each writer will need to completely understand the services or products you offer, be prepared to look into the personality traits of the target audience and write from that perspective. It’s impossible to do this without slipping into the right personality.

Personality Traits to Look For When Hiring Writers

So how do you know you are working with someone who is able to deliver the results you need? It can help to consider the following points to ensure you find the perfect team who will be able to deliver on their promises and ensure your posts are published in the appropriate places:
  • Have they had experience in creating blog posts from the perspective of others?
  • Are they prepared to do the research from all angles, including the company and the target audience and consumers?
  • Will they be able to distribute the post to the right websites which will be off benefit to your optimization campaign and not damage your rankings?
  • Will the sites the post is published on have the right type of reader who will be interested in the post and click through to your chosen web page?

Affordable and Beneficial to Your Organization

The great thing about this type of service is the multiple benefits they offer to businesses. Each post can include links back to your website; these links are useful in SEO. The more links you can obtain will help search engines to determine your worth, so it’s essential to have them placed on websites which are relative to your topics, keywords and businesses.  The other fantastic thing about them is the fact they are affordable for all businesses, even if you have a minimal marketing/SEO budget.

My Personality Disorder

As a writer I enjoy the experience of writing from the perspective of others. It gives me a chance to fully explore new areas in life, discover new products, new perspectives and sink my teeth into a new way of thinking. As a writer it’s my duty to involve myself fully into the assignment I have been given and ensure the client is left with positive results from the money they have invested in me as a copywriter. I get to play characters from a woman who is pregnant, to a man who loves playing games online, to a business that has been looking for that certain solution to an age old problem.  I get to be an actress and what’s even more satisfying is I am able to help people achieve their goals.

Guest blogging requires the skills of copywriters who have the ability to slip into character.  Hire copywriters who will ensure the post will be effective and genuine and deliver the results you need.

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