Types of freelance blogging jobs

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Are you a new comer to the family of freelance writers?
Or, Are you a freelance writer who wants to make an entry into online writing jobs like blog post writing?

Welcome to the world wide web writing arena.

In this post I am going to discuss the types for online content jobs especially blog post and article writing jobs. Here are the types of blogger and online writing jobs.

1) Paid guest writer

The site or the blog owner hires you to write blog posts and articles for their blog. You are known as a guest writer where you may also get a bi-line in-addition to your name on every post you contribute to the site. 

I find this category of job quite interesting as you are getting paid for writing, you are getting your name on every article, you may also get a bi-line to showcase your information along with including suitable links to your own blog or resources. This will not only help you earn as a freelance writer and build your portfolio but also helps make your presence online giving you the exposure as a freelance writer.   

I got an opportunity to write as a paid guest writer for a computer and social media site computerandyou and it has been a great experience so far. It is like building reputation online as a freelance writer. Most of the clients these days do not ask for your resume rather ask you to give links to your previously published work. Paid guest writing jobs just offers you the right opportunity. You will have ready samples to show to your new clients since it has your bio to validate your online presence. 

Work you want to expect: You may be the responsible person to write the post, edit it, find a suitable image, get familiar with wordpress/blogger so that you submit your article for approval duly ready to be posted. You may also be asked to do the required SEO for every article. 

TIP: With so much work to do apart from writing an article you may want to ask some extra bucks apart from charging per 100 words. But be reasonable!

2) Ghost writer for blogs

You are paid to write posts for the client's blog or site but not under your name. You are not entitled for fame! I do write for a travel blog and a fashion blog as a ghost writer and I do not think there is any harm in doing so. Ultimately what matters is being in business and sailing with the wind! 

Work you want to expect:  Usually this kind of job needs you to just write the required articles and mail it to your client. However on special cases you may be asked to provide images to go with the article and/or submit it for approval all ready to post directly just like the above mentioned Paid Guest Writer category. 

TIP:  Make sure of all the work you are required to do and carefully make you quote depending on the type of work. Once you agree for a price you may agree for all the hidden work you are asked to do in future for the same amount! 

3) Guest writer for companies

The boss of internet Mr Google has created a lot of job opportunities for freelance writers indirectly! With SEO playing major role for the companies' visibility online, chances are that you are hired by some company to write for them on different sites and blogs. This is done to build quality links so that they show up more often on search results thus gaining more business. This also helps companies to advertise their sites on other blogs and sites with the help of the links.

Work you want to expect: According to the company's requirements you are supposed to write and post articles on different blogs. The topics you cover would be related to company's products or content (not always though) with links to their site. You hunt for relevant blogs/sites with good statistics and numbers. You deal with the site owners, negotiate on price you want to pay for the sponsored post on behalf of your client, discuss on the topic that interests the site owner and finish your job to claim your payment from your client. 

TIP: This kind of job definitely demands more remuneration than the first two categories. Your are entitled for payment after successfully publishing articles on different sites. 

4) Content in-charge or content manager for blogs

This category of job is more suitable for an experienced or at-least a very dedicated candidate. You are responsible for every word that comes on-line on behalf of your client in any form be it on blog, site, social media or press releases. The pay is mostly on monthly basis as against per post since there is other work involved. Most of them are onsite opportunities unless if it is a small site ready to offer telecommuting job.

Work you want to expect: It may involve developing content, hiring writers, editing, proofreading and deciding on what is the best for the site and how it helps to grow the business or readership in-addition to site promotions, email newsletters, and online campaigns. In rear cases you may also have to wear the cap of a social media manager. You may be asked to do even more than what you could have imagined!

TIP: Read all the clauses carefully before you accept the work. It might require other skills apart from being a good writer and social media enthusiast.

Do you have any other category of blogger jobs to include in this list? 
You are most welcome. 
Let us know for which blogger job you are trying for?


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