Tips to stop your child from gripping the gadget and devices habit

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I guess you have heard this proverb earlier-
 Prevention is better than cure. 
It is true to any category of life be it health or habits. Even in case of kids there is no good reason why parents should go crazy over gadget addictions; rather prevention proves to be the better medicine. Parents are most of the times under the notion that their children are different from other kids in the world. They believe  their kids are obedient and so there is no need to worry about them getting addicted to gadgets.

Little do the parents know how easy it is for kids to get struck with devices? When adults can get attracted to gadgets and devices so easily you can imagine how tempting the situation would be for kids.

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So, coming to the point, how can you prevent your child from getting into the habit of playing video games, engaging excessively with touch screen devices like ipad and iphone or becoming music maniac with iPods, etc. Here are few measures you can take to keep the habit forming cultures out at bay!

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  • Starting from the day one restrict the device time.
  • Maintain a schedule while considering the factors like the age of your child, need and necessity of the device for your child's performance, and lifestyle. 
  • Decide with your spouse or partner on whether you want to give your child the device time on daily basis or weekly.
  • Make your child aware of the side affects of using any devices extensively, like affecting the studies, chances of getting eye problems or posture problems, affect on social life, reduction in physical activities, behavioral problems, etc.
  • Ensure that your child never falls prey for the euphoria after getting the chance to use luxury gadgets so that the feeling does not instigate to use the gadget more frequently. 
  • More the peer provocation on the coolness of handling expensive gadgets, more the need for exploring it. So make your child understands the fact that it is not cool to use it but it is a learning or a just playing device and there is no need to become proud of owing one!
Do you give your child a knife to use independently unmonitored? Then you cannot afford to overlook the consequences of unlimited usage of gadgets at early age; they are no less then a knife when used by kids at a tender age especially when they are not monitored by adults.


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