Review of the E-Book- Can I Really Make Money Blogging? Stop Wondering! Here’s How You Can

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e-book review

Author: Jane Sheeba
Category: Blogging Business
Type: E-Book version
Pages: 67
Price: $9.99

The fact that you are interested in this review shows that you are interested in money; the online money; money that can be earned from your blog (which is yet to be started in some cases). 

Okay, then you are also interested in buying this wonderful book by Jane Sheeba of which you think is a practical handbook you should be referring.

Well, let’s see...

I started reading this book and went on to read 20 pages without interrupting. The book just hooked me till then and I have been agreeing to Jane nodding my head and muttering a yes every time. 

Then I encountered a link which Jane suggests to read and absorb the content in order to get hands on knowledge about “any business model”. I said yes to myself but pushed it aside for a while (I read it the next day and which was totally useful, you should too if at all you buy this book! Which I am sure you will;)) because I just could not wait to finish the book in one stretch.

I just loved the flow and some rant (which was very helpful) as Jane addresses the section.

Something boosted me up and I stopped reading the book. It was the curiosity to see the blog income report of two biggies in the blogosphere suggested by Jane. The reports were published with proof and these guys are earning a whooping amount which I could not believe my eyes. 

Now I was even more interested...
The more you are willing to help, the easier it is to get paid for it.
I agree. Jane talks about how to build the audience for the blog and establish a relation with readers by gaining the trust. She talks about how bloggers fake the reviews and sell the products that are not tried just to earn some commission and gives strong reasons why not to do so. 

She gives tactics to build the traffic and the niche of holding them on by not faking. She explains the strategies of affiliate marketing step by step. The insight provided in this book about list building and the real ways of maintaining the reputation that helps make money in turn is helpful for any blogger.

What wowed me?

  1. The affiliate marketing- Tips and tricks along with the types and different ways to do the affiliate program is one of the best explained money making areas in this book. It is extremely useful for blog owners aspiring to make a business out of it, especially the newbies. I myself got a chance to learn quiet a few tricks on how to do the affiliate program the right way and build the trust with readers ethically to covert them to be your affiliates' customers.
  2. The list building - How to and also how not to make money using your list was really-really awesome. The author has covered everything about building the email list and making the most of that list; importantly without annoying the real people who are in the list.

What I missed?

Update: You can now buy the updated version of this book which is error free and much more appealing.

I wished the book was proofread by a professional (I do not know if it was done by a professional editor/proofreader) since I could find a few spelling mistakes and a couple of grammatical errors not major though. 

The verdict-  

It is a short workable report of 67 pages which the author has kept it short intentionally. If you are in a hurry to get rich quickly by trying 100s of ways to make money blogging then you would definitely be disappointed. The clear intention of Jane Sheeba is to help you make money by using a few tried and tested methods. She has discussed actionable models and plans to effectively convert your blog and its traffic to earn you the much awaited “money”.

This book is a sure shot for newbies and mediocres in the field of blogging. Once you buy this and take action as suggested; you will know the worth of paying $9.99 for this wonderful book rather than investing on crappy products in the urge of trying too many things all at a time.
The staircase to success takes you to your destination but only if you climb one step at a time because you cannot climb it sitting in a car going in the speed of 100 kms/hr, can you?
As a blogger myself, yes, I recommend this book which explains practical things that can be done and earn money blogging.

4 out of 5 stars Reviewer:Medha BN Nov 29, 2012


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