How Parents can help Children in using the internet effectively

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This is a guestpost by Lokesh
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There were days when the internet visibility was very low & for every information we used to depend on the books. Now the trend is changed, Internet has spread very fast and everywhere. Now everybody depends on internet from Kids to elders. For Kids there are assignments asked by teachers to collect from the internet.  So kids these days are more advanced compared to olden days. They have easy access to TV, Mobiles, Internet, advanced gadgets, etc. It should be the parents who should guide children in using the internet effectively. Here are some tips to help you being:
  • Before using the internet, Parents should block the websites which are unsuitable for children, use firewall, update antivirus regularly. Limit your kid by blocking downloadable files, games and software as a safety measure.
  • The internet can be harmful if the children are not properly monitored. It’s the parents responsibility to check the usage, time online and activities done on the internet.
  • Parents should explain the safety rules to the child telling them not to share personal information, avoid chatting online and to be careful with the strangers on the internet.
  • You as a parent should guide in selecting the right website which will help in understanding the purpose of using the internet in a positive way. Some of the websites which help children to gain knowledge are mentioned below.
  • Children are mostly interested in games; parents should guide in selecting the right games. Mind games like chess, suduko and the like are available online.
  • If the children are good in specific fields like Drawing or Animation then show more related stuff on the internet which will motivate them to achieve better. They become inspired when they see stuff related to their interests.
Here are a couple of the places where children can get the required resources. step by step tutorials for children

In the school, there are so many projects to be done by children. Referring books alone limit their knowledge growth. To help students and teachers made the task simpler which has everything from designing papers to robots. They provide step by step instructions for doing the project. Ex., a Small moving robot can be designed in less than 15 minutes if all the parts are available which costs around 3$. participate in Activities, Quiz & Mind Games

The more work for brain the more the gain! Some of the effective tools which help to increase the nowledge are Quiz and Mind Games.  There are many websites available on internet today like which helps children in getting more intelligent with their effective tools. All the sections on the website are completely dedicated to Kids. There are pages related to activities, science, news & coloring pages, etc.

Internet is a big library which contains all the information. It’s parents responsibility to guide them to get connected to positive things and gain knowledge. Children should use the Internet in moderation and for effective knowledge. For children internet should be used as tool for learning and not for entertainment.

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