Write Away: How to Become a Guest Blogger?

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Guest post by Sarah Dunbar

Everyone today who has an online presence is trying to find ways to improve their search engine optimization (SEO). Some people are investing a great deal of time creating the best possible keywords for their site and others are pushing links out to their site as much as possible.

There’s another tactic that others can implement in order to improve their SEO and earn a reputation as an expert in their field, and that is by guest blogging. Many bloggers are searching for others to write guest blog posts. Depending on the blog site, some guest bloggers may be able to make some extra cash while others simply get to use the task to promote their own blog or website. Instead of money, some guest bloggers are allowed to link back to their own site, which can increase their number of readers.

So how does one become a guest blogger? By using the following tips.

Locate blogs that are relevant to your area of expertise.
Try and find other blogs that discuss the same topic that you discuss on your own blog or website. This way, you know that you will be able to talk about a topic that you’re knowledgeable in. Do a simple Google search about the type of blog that you’re interested in writing for, and see what comes up. Take a look at a few different ones to find one or two that really interest you. As a general rule of thumb, try and look for the blogs that have a large number of pageviews. This way, you know that if you do guest blog, your post will get a good amount of traffic.

Reach out to the blogger.
When you finally decide on a blog, reach out to the owner and let them know who you are and that you’re interested in guest blogging. Some companies may have a certain email address that they want these inquiries sent to, so make sure to follow specific instructions if the blogger has them. Make sure that you always include links to your own current blog or site so that the blogger can find examples of the type and quality of work that you can produce.

Use social media.
You can always turn to Facebook, Twitter and the like for guest blogging. Use the power of social media and reach out to your fans and followers and let them know that you're available for guest blog posts. You’ll be surprised at how much interest you gain by simply reaching out to your social media connections.

Promote it on your own website or blog.
Create a page dedicated to promoting the fact that you are willing to guest blog. Use the page to let everyone know what you’re an expert in and what topics you can thoroughly discuss. It’s also a good idea to list any minor/major requirements so that you’re truly getting the best inquiries. You may even want to create a separate email address so that you can easily access those that are discussing guest blogging.

Guest blogging is beneficial. It can improve traffic to your site, show off your expertise and even boost your search engine optimization efforts. If you’re interested in guest blogging, make sure you find a blog you want to write for and reach out to the blogger while also turning to social media and promoting your desires.

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