The relationship of Love-Life and Dove-Life!


I always like to start a piece of writing with a positive note followed by the problems and remedies if any. Today I am writing the story of my beautiful, lustrous, soft and silky hair.

I adore and admire my tresses; I play with my bouncy locks; I feel them when I brush my hair; I don't mind having a few strands on my face (I really don't have to follow those tips for beautiful skin where they recommend not to allow hair on face to avoid pimples); I flaunt my hair with confidence; my toddler finds them irresistible and I love them even more when he is happy making a toy out of them! I have no words to thank Dove for rescuing my hair fall and giving me the true glorious crown on my head.

Beautiful skin, beautiful hair, beautiful dresses and beautiful shoes are the four integral parts of many dreams that every girl (and these days men too!) has in her life. Nice dress and shoes can be bought if you pay for them. Skin procedures like microderma abbrestion, derma rolling, laser hair removal, light therapy and many such clinical treatments makes it possible to buy beautiful and glowing skin. But when it comes to hair even the most expensive hair treatments in the bestest of the best beauty salons may help a few and leave others in agony. 

Just before a month I had a different story to tell about my hair. The terms that I could associate with my hair were-
  • Dry and dull
  • Rough and unmanageable
  • Lifeless and unsightful
  • Brittle and fringy
  • Severe hair fall
If any form of levels or degrees can be associated with my hair fall then I would say 'my hair suffered third degree hair fall'. Thankfully one problem that is not associated with my hair is dandruff.

As a teenager and college going confident girl just 6 to 7 years back I used to take good care of my hair. I never faced the problem of severe hair fall. I naturally am not a very blessed girl since I have wavy and rough hair. But somehow I managed to maintain my hair.
  • I used to apply coconut oil with powdered methi seeds twice a week.
  • Every 15 days I used to apply hair pack with henna, soaked meethi seeds, fresh hibiscus leaves paste along with coconut oil ( without which henna would have made my hair very dry).
  • Since the corporation water (soft water) was supplied only twice a week, me and my sister would either wash our hair on those days or stored a barrel of water only for washing hair. We both would never wash hair with hard water at home.
The beginning of my love life, an entry to my hair problem!

After my marriage things changed. Neither did I had time to do all the possible home remedies nor did I get to wash my hair with soft water. In metros like Bangalore, pollution and water problem added fuel to my already not so good hair and the hard water acted as catalyst to boost my hair fall.

I consulted doctors who suggested various medicated shampoos but I never got an opportunity to say bye to hair fall and hair damage. Then a dermatologist suggested to take a blood test and prescribed iron tablets though I was not deficit of it (no please doc, I am not anemic!). I surfed on net; referred all the magazines in the world; tried many shampoos, conditioners, serums and other hair products but in vain.

My hair worries took a toll when I started applying colour to cover my gray hair. The problems were more and not even one solution. It was heart breaking to see my hair in such condition.

I lost all the hopes to get back my normal hair (if not beautiful hair). I lost trust in almost all the big hair brands and stopped giving a damn to shampoo advertisements on television. It's five years since I got married and even the biggest and wisest so called cosmopolitan Bangalore with sophisticated hair salons and beauty clinics had failed to treat my problem.

The effect of a blog contest on my hair and the beginning of Dove life!

The blinking slide on the homepage of indiblogger caught my attention which read 'register for free Dove hair care hamper and submit your entry to the contest'.  I thought, just like many other free hampers claim on internet or advertise else where this is going to turn a hoax. I ignored and forgot about it.

Due to my busy schedule managing home and my freelance writing projects I have been postponing to write my entry for the contest sponsored by Dove. After a few days when I logged into the blog directory again and the slide flashed I thought of giving it a try.

The form opened asked me to choose the hair treatment I would like to try. There begun my dilemma. I have severe hair fall and so I wanted to opt for hair fall rescue,  but I am also having intense hair damage with all the hair problems in the world (!) now I want to try intense hair damage therapy; I have been colouring my hair from past two months I also need colour rescue. What the heck! If this is the case how will I ever kick the hair problem in its butt (to use the slang)!

I took some time off and logged in again. I decided to go step by step. I first wanted some hair to be left on head, don't I? There I chose the hair fall rescue (to be frank I did not have any faith at that time and thought this is no way going to help me other than saving a few bucks!).

I received my hamper and it had a shampoo and a conditioner. Next day was my hair wash schedule and I gave it a try ( adamantly I thought 'Dove I am giving you a chance you better prove yourself'!). Hummmm, my hair was soft and manageable, there were not too many strands on my hair brush either.

Somewhere at the bottom of my heart I was happy but my mind resisted to accept it since it was just a first try. Then the second wash and third one..... twice a week and with the same hard water. The product forced me to believe the effect and my hair spoke volumes about the healthy hair tale!

There was no reason for me not to trust the shampoo; there was no way I could stop myself from praising the conditioner which had worked wonders. There was nobody who could stop me from talking about it and recommending it to my friends.

If hair rescue formula can make my hair so beautiful I really cannot wait to try the damage control range. My next try would be damage control shampoo and conditioner. I am sure my hair will retain the positive effect of both these varieties. In future I would stick to colour rescue since I want to maintain my hair and retain my hair colour.

I am glad I decided to give it a try. Thanks Dove for the hamper without which I would have never thought of trying another hair product.

All my life I have been longing for beautiful and silky hair; free of any problems. Today I feel lucky and want to shout to the world 'look, that was the end of my hair problems'! Look my dream has come true.

After I used Dove shampoo and conditioner I realised what I have missed all these years and my struggle with my hair was useless and waste of time. Had I used it earlier I would have saved a lot of my money (which I spent on trying out a lot of hair products blindly) and time.

This time around I am sure the cure is permanent and the cancer called hair problem will never ever bother me again. Next time if at all I need to write a tale of my hair then it would be definitely be a story about my beautiful hair; my love for my hair and how I flaunt it.

    This is an entry for the contest on indiblogger sponsered by Dove.
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