Inspiring Interview of an inspirational woman- Preeti Shenoy

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Here I present to you the interview of amazing author of three best selling books- Preeti Shenoy.

  • If you are a budding or aspiring writer- She can be your inspiration and role model!
  • If you are a woman- She can be your Fem-Inspiration!
  • If you are a mother- She can be your parenting mentor!
  • If you are a book-coholic or like to read some good stuff then- She is the right person to follow just go to  
  • If you want to know her more then you are in the right place. Read on...
I specially requested this interview to Preeti for giving the much needed confidence for women and moms to stick to their decision no matter what.

This is for stay at home moms trying to justify their decision of giving up their career for bringing up kids. This is also to give a boost to those moms who are career women and fighting the guilt of giving less time to their kids. 

Before moving on I highly recommend you to read this wonderful post from Preeti Shenoy on her blog titled 'Are you in 'drift mode'?

1. Hey Preeti, can you tell us a little about your current professional status?

Preeti- This is a good question.  Guess you know that I am an author of three best sellers and am currently working on my fourth book. I am also an artist and I specialise in pencil portraits though I have also done other mediums too, especially mixed media.  I am a poet, a prolific blogger and have started making customised quilled monogrammed cards too. In the middle of all this I also am a mother and a wife. Therefore my professional status currently is extra super busy.   :)

2. What are your hobbies and interests? Tell us more about you and your family.

Preeti- My hobbies are Art, Yoga and Playing Basketball. My interests are Gardening, Reading and creating stuff and my passion is Fitness and Dogs (specifically Doberman). My family consists of my husband , two children aged 14 and 11 and a hyperactive Doberman named Lostris.

3. What are your qualifications and what was your first job? How long were you in this profession?

Preeti- My educational qualifications are several and varied and too many to list! 

I have more than six Post graduate qualifications that also include an internationally recognised qualification in portraiture from U.K, an M.A in Sociology as well an All India first rank in P.R and Advertising.

My first job was a long time back. I worked for an MNC in Mumbai. Was in the profession for two years.

4. When did you get married? How old were you then?

Preeti- I got married in 1995.  I was 23. 

If this is some kind of a trick question to calculate my age, no need for that. I am quite proud of my age and I never hide it! I am forty.

5. When did you take a break from your career and why?

Preeti- I never took a break. I simply quit when I got married. I moved to Gwalior from Mumbai as my husband was posted there at that time. It made no sense to work.

6. What was it like giving up your career and being a home maker? Did you ever regret your decision or felt lost without a career?

Preeti- No, never regretted it.  The time spent in raising my son and daughter, reading to them and playing with them, I treasure as the happiest times in my life.

And even when I was doing that I always had time for my passion and my interests.

I did feel though that people tend to stereotype housewives or homemakers which I did not like.

7. How did you come out of your hibernation as a stay at home mom and gave yourself a much deserved second chance to your career?

Preeti- I never hibernated. I was never a ‘stay-at-home’ mom. When my son was one and a half, I taught at a pre-school, where I could take him with me. So I never left him in a crèche or in someone else’s care. I discovered I had a natural inclination with children and I was (and still am) very good with children. I taught at this pre-school, till my daughter was born. Once she was six months old, I started thinking workshops for children, along with a friend. They were very well received and extremely successful. I also used to conduct these workshops for a few International schools. I ran my own art classes too and there was always a huge waiting list of students wanting to join.  When my daughter turned two, I went back to teaching at their school, where I could leave home with them and come back with them.

8. How did you become an author? Was the career transition difficult?

Preeti- I started a blog in 2006 to get over the deep grief of losing my father. I had always written even before that. Many of my stories and articles had won prizes at state level and University level in inter-collegiate competitions.

When I started the blog, my words began pouring in torrents, like the Indian monsoons. It was a flood, a deluge. Oddly they comforted many even though I was writing primarily for myself. I began getting many mails. The readers of my blog grew like an inverted pyramid, gradually but steadily. My blog skyrocketed to 'Top blogs' in the Indian blogosphere. I started getting a lot of response internationally too. My writings had transcended geographical boundaries and touched feelings which are universal.

Around this time, I began writing articles for Times of India and Readers Digest. I also wrote poetry which struck a chord in many hearts, some of which was published. People began writing to me, asking me to put my posts into a book. Being an author was something I always only had dreamt about. But the encouragement and overwhelming response I got from my blog finally goaded me to write to a few publishers. The result was '34 Bubblegums and Candies' which was launched in October 2008. In 2011 ‘Life is what you make it’ was published and it was one of the top selling books of 2011 and continues to be in the Nielson list of top books in India. My third book ‘Tea for two and a piece of cake’ was released in 2012 (In February this year) and it has already sold more than 30K copies and gone into next reprint.

So you see, the ‘career transition’ (if you want to call it that) just happened.
9. How are you managing your work life balance? Is your family supportive?

Preeti- I am very fortunate to have the family I have. Satish is extremely supportive and understanding. My kids are darlings. The thing is I have given my everything for my kids. Even today I am ALWAYS at home when they come back from school. I still read to my daughter (who is 11 and a voracious reader herself) and I still spend ‘special talking time’ with both of them.

10. How do your kids feel about you today? Do you think your compromise has paid off?

Preeti- There was never a ‘compromise’. The moment a word like ‘compromise’ comes in, it implies that you have ‘sacrificed’ something. I am blessed to be fortunate enough to have it all!

Both my children are super proud of me. They felt so good to hear me speak at the TED talk.

Both of them said “Mom, you rocked. You were awesome!” My daughter said that she clapped the loudest.

The only thing is I have slogged my butt off (to use a slang) to get where I am today. It wasn’t easy. But it definitely was worth it.

11. What would you like to tell Moms out there who have taken a career break for family and some where feel guilty about it?

Preeti- If you really and genuinely love spending time with your child, then the question of regret does not arise. You are clearly deciding that your child is a priority at this point in your life. You are putting your career on hold. You have made a choice that your child is everything for you. Stick with it.

If you are career oriented and do not mind leaving your child in someone else’s care, then do not regret that either! You are happy when you are working which is fine.

At the end of the day, do what makes YOU feel happy and satisfied. Decide what YOU want, then stick to your choice and have no regrets.

A yoga buff, ex-basket ball player, amazing wife (I am sure Mr. Satish will have a even better word!), mom of two, an author, card maker, painting artist, pencil portrait artist and yes a Dobe lover (I have never seen her miss this one) all bundled in one. Isn't she a super woman and a great inspiration?

What do you think?    


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