Why are you turning off your readers? Hold on, Go slow!

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Is your blog’s name ‘Advertising mania’!

Money speaks, money wins and money matters; but!

Let us together begin our talk by bringing the goodness about you and your blog.

Your blog- I know you have a nice blog, killer content, and interesting niche. Your blog has a very good Page rank, Alexa rank and Moz rank. Your blog is search engine optimized. It has a very good number of subscribers, Bravo.

About you- You are a self-made blogger earning the upper four digit income in dollars. Your content is so popular that you have a great fan following on various social networking sites like google+, facebook, twitter, tumblr, and more. You are sincere and determined blogger working hard to keep up the expectations.

I like to congratulate you; you are the micro-entrepreneur. 

Ads on in-between the posts and pop ad before home page
Okay, let’s come to the most important part of your blog without which you are nothing, your readers and your loyal readers (I know you just read readers and loyal readers, I come to it later).
  •  What have you been doing to satisfy your readers apart from giving them awesome content?
  • Did you ever wonder about your blog’s user experience?
Here we go to the real part of this conversation, the problem of your blog named ‘Advertising mania’.

Come again, that’s not your blog?

But I am sure that is your blog. I am your reader and I have named it as ‘Advertising mania’.
  • You have an ad on your header, that’s okay.
  • You have ads on your side bar but even that is fine.
  • You have ads at the end of every post, which is bearable.
  • You have ads in-between the post, which is becoming a little too much.
  • You have ads linked up to the keywords in every other sentences, are you testing my patience?
  • You have ad popping up the screen even before I have reached your home page, now I feel like closing the tab of your blog in the browser.
Please, I want to breathe but I am feeling short of open space!

I understand the fact that you are a blogger and you need rewards for delivering awesome content. I also agree that monetizing your blog is your right. I know, maybe this is the whole source of income for you and you are a full time blogger.

But, aren’t you getting a little greedy over money? You are some times confusing me by mixing the content and ads together. Some times you are eating up my time by those unnecessary pop-ups.

Let us take a scenario where you are watching your favourite TV show or a movie; you want to watch it full but you don’t have much time left.

The channel needs to make money for the services they provide. If ads keep interrupting you every five minutes, how do you feel, isn’t that frustrating?

Even the channels these days are worried about new channels mushrooming every now and then and giving them tough competition. That is why they have started the concept of one break movie, no break movie and some of the channels even show the countdown as ‘show will be back in- !! mins/sec’.  

They have understood the meaning of ‘turning off their viewers'- it’s simple that the viewers will move on to other channel.

I don’t need to explain you about the growing blogosphere. We all are aware of the fact that there are 100’s of blogs on the same niche if not 1000’s. And it is growing every day.

So, your readers have a choice, okay!

Your readers get a bad impression on their first visit! Your loyal and regular readers have mean while found other blogs which have good content and are also clutter free (without the hurdles of ads when not necessary). These blogs have promising user experience. 

Your loyal readers now have a choice to opt out from visiting your blog. 

Take me for granted, I am not at all against blog monetizing but please not at the cost of losing your readers! 

So come on tell me what are you going to do about these ads? I cannot give you tips on how many ads you need to display. It’s up to you; you have to decide on it depending on your income requirements and your priorities on your blog.

But yes, I would like to tell you one thing, the pop ups irritate a lot. Try to keep the ads that do not force your readers to click on it by peeping in unwanted places. Choosing the right location for ads on your blog is what I am asking you to do.

Do you get me! Tell me what you are doing to act upon the menace so that I can visit your blog very often.


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