My firsthand tested solutions to combat with your iPad addicted toddler! Part I

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5 tips to combat the iPad obsession in your toddler. This post aims at the toddlers who have just begun to show the signs of addiction to iPad. If you have a toddler who is already an addict then you must check out PART II of this post.
We all know the effects of addiction, whether it is the addiction of tobacco, alcohol, drugs or gadgets.  It takes a great deal of effort for a person to come out of the addiction devoid of age, sex and type of addiction. Only time and good methods can help a person to get rid of addiction. Same is true with the addiction of gadgets, especially in toddlers and kids towards the modern touch screen gadgets.  

IPad is one such quaint essential gadget for toddlers today. Television, video games or playstation do not tempt these touch-savvy toddlers. I have been worrying about the attachment of my son towards iPad from past one year now. Here is what I have come to conclusion. The number of kids’ applications is directly proportional to number of hours toddlers engage themselves with iPad.

The sure shot five tips that I have successfully tried to get my son off from the long hours of indulgence with the gadget-
  • Turn off the wi-fi connection in your iPad when not in use. This was a huge success for me as I was struggling with my youtube addict 3 year old son. Soon he knew there was some problem with youtube icon!
  • Do not download more than one app at a time. More number of apps exposed to tiny eyes leads a way to switching between applications. This will keep the toddlers engaged for longer hours and you would not want that for sure. 
  • Once the kid starts showing the signs of boredom with repeated playing of the same app and say 'I am done with this damn thing' plan for another app. This will surely cut on number of hours he engages with iPad. Keep deleting unused apps and give no choice to your kid to switch with an alternate application.
  • There are other options available for entertainment to kids at this age apart from being tech-savvy. Be choosy and select apps that are informative and/or educative. These are the best ones to help your kid keep up with technology as well as have some time for physical world. Even a few of the apps that aid in developing motor skills and cognitive skills works well. Just avoid all those junk called fun apps! 
  • Out of sight, out of mind! Some times it works. Try and keep your kid busy with other interesting stuff- like give him his favorite toys (I know iPad is his first love!), spare sometime for your kid in your routine or simply take him out to a nearby park and let him socialize with other kids.
One last advice: Any apps that you feel are eating up your kid should be deleted immediately without a second thought. You must do it even if it is a paid version. Its worth losing a few bucks rather than losing your kid to a gadget.

I am one of you who is trying to combat the menace of iPad in my kid's life (though its just the beginning for him). Let me know your ideas on dealing with it and what worked for you. I would appreciate it. 


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