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The perspective of online audience towards the information on the web is very different from the regular readers’ of books, magazines or any other print medium. Understanding the perception of electronic medium users and readers is very important and is vital for your success.  

Today people look for information on Internet because they are always in hurry and are looking for information that is easily accessible and to the point which gives them what the topic of the post promises. 

They do not have all the time to search for books and then go to the book houses to buy them. They do not even have time to place an order online and wait till it is delivered. 

What they are in need is quick fix for their problem and instant access to information. 

Remember that you are writing for restless souls who can’t wait to scroll down the mouse, whose eyes are tired starring at the screen and whose back is hurting over limited sitting on chair for may be decades!

Little is more so limit what you write and care for how you write. 

Writing for the Web becomes sure stairs to success if you consider all these facts before writing. I have listed out all the things you need to take care of while writing for online audience. You will also get a picture of how online readers are different from other traditional readers of print medium. 

1. Writing to the point

Online readers do not have all the time to begin reading your stories and long introductory paragraphs. Few lines of introduction and straight to the matter are recommended. 

Do not brag or rant; it’s a complete no-no for online readers. You must learn to write to the task oriented audience for whom time is money. I think you got my point and there is no need to elaborate on this and test your patience! 

2. Writing for the eyes which scan rather than read

Long narrating paragraphs are likely to take away the chance of your post begin read by the online readers. Whether the reason is that electronic papers glare away the eyes or simply because of short attention span of e-reading people, the truth is you need to convey your message and knowledge in just 5 seconds or less. Yes, you read it right. The attention span of online readers is really short and they just don’t read any articles completely or till end. They just skim your article and gauge the information by moving their eyeballs left to right and top to bottom. This paragraph you just read is definitely too big for online readers. And I am sure even you had bad experience reading this lengthy paragraph and didn’t bother to read whole of it and missed some values!

What you actually need to do is, shown below.
  • Use Sub-headings to the maximum giving the opportunity to readers to get the bigger picture of the actual content. 
  • Do not write large paragraphs, instead break it and write short paragraphs of 3-4 lines. 
  • Try to make the most of bullet point formats, which works wonders on the Psychology of online readers. 
  • Steal the attention and keep the readers engaged for long by forcing them to read rather than scan with the help of killer post titles, insightful sub-headings and by writing well formatted content. 
  • Use images consistently for the visual appeal that also gives greater understanding of ideas and concepts to the readers.

3. Writing while supporting your argument and information-

Online readers are constantly craving for more and in-depth information. But this doesn’t mean you should stuff your articles and posts with huge information. 


What I mean is you must link to appropriate articles to either your own previously written articles or to the ones, which are, relevant and found on other blogs. 

  • Linking to the source of information gives the readers a sense of authentication and therefore helps build trust. This will also help you to stop from spreading rumors.    
  • Linking to other articles that co-relates to some aspects of your post gives the choice and a chance for your readers to get more information and satisfies reader’s quest for instant details. 

4. Writing for mobile audience

Following the above mentioned points while writing for online readers becomes even more necessary since people these days use mobile or handheld devices such as cell phones, iPads, etc. to read. Information access on the go is increasing like never before.

Smaller screens as compared to the traditional desktops or laptops can only make it difficult to read your posts if they are not well-formatted, have long paragraphs or do not include links for instant access. 

I repeat, including links as appropriate becomes even more useful for mobile readers since browsing the web becomes a little tedious on small screen due to limited multi-tasking facilities especially mobile phones. 

Your job is to make the readers life easy by making your content more accessible. 


What You Should And Shouldn’t Look In A Freelance Blogger Before Hiring?

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Blogging has become an excellent tool through which a company can best explain about its products or services. A well written blog will have visitors everyday and it will be viewed by people in search of your brand’s products or services. 

However the point to getting quality blog content is hiring an expert blogger, someone who can catch the mood right and present it beautifully in words. The blogger must be able to strike a chord with the audience by delivering value added information and solving real problems. 

picking the perfect

If you are seeking to hire a blogger to write your company blog posting, here is a look at top five points that are a must to check before hiring:

1. Look beyond the writing expertise– 

Good freelance bloggers can write not just killer blog posts but also be able to help you with blog strategy and planning the editorial calendar that converts.

Another aspect that you must look for is the ability of your freelance blogger to include another writing flavor in your blog. 

For example, if you want to announce a sale offer in your blog, it has to be written differently from other blog posts. Your writer should be able to flex their writing skills according to your requirements.

2. Have A Look At Their Portfolio Of Blogging– 

Good bloggers will have existing blogging work to show. This means they will have live links and urls to share with you that proves the trust brands/web-masters have in the content writer. 

They can show blogs on different subject and for clients from various industries to indicate their expertise, flair for writing, writing style and also the subjects in which they specialize. 

3. Ask The Price– 

This is an important point for hiring even though you might be aware of the standard writing charges of freelance bloggers depending on experience and expertise. Writers with more expertise will charge higher than the usual market rates. If you are looking for services within a specific budget, it would be best to talk about it upfront so that the writer knows your payment preferences.

4. How Do They Research On Your Subject– 

This is an important point to consider because you want to give credible content in your business blog. Ask the blogger about their research methodology, ask if they are experts in the subject in which you want content to be written or at-least if they have proven research methodology in your niche. 

A writer with expert research methods will give you quality, outstanding blog content, something that’s not easily found on the net, but which comes from insight and experience. If the blogger you are considering does not know how to retrieve accurate details on your subject or cannot show appropriate research skills, it is best to move to another candidate.

5. Ask To Write A Sample– 

This is the best way of getting to know if a blogger has the right skills or not for your job. Ask the writer to do a sample and see if it matches with your writing specifications. A good blogger will give you a post with bulleted points on important features, subheadings before paragraphs, use a high quality image (if that is your requirement) that perfectly reflects the subject and also include a call to action. 

The writing will have excellent grammar. The tone will be similar to what you expect or what is used in your blogs so that it gels well with what you want. If the sample does not have proper flow and formatting, it is best to consider another writer because you will need to edit the content heavily which negates the need for outsourcing your blog content. 

It will motivate them to know more about your company or even lead them to make a purchase. However there are things that you need not consider when hiring a blog writer. 

Here are some typical don’ts of blogger hire:

1. There is no need to check if their educational qualifications match with the subject of writing. Freelance writers are from a wide group of people ranging from journalists to even travel agents. All you need to know is if they have the passion for writing especially blogging.

2. While it is important that writers should know enough about SEO to apply it as required in their writing, there is no need for them to have in-depth knowledge about it like a SEO specialist. Working knowledge about SEO to write optimized articles should just be enough. 

3. If a writer has good expertise and experience do not consider their charges because you are certainly going to get the results you want by hiring their services.

4. But if a writer with intermediate writing skills excels in writing articles and press releases but want to take up blogging without prior experience, you can still consider them for the vacancy but after testing. Such a person will quickly learn on the job and prove to be more cost effective than others.

5. Its quality over quantity work that matters. Do not check primarily on how many articles a blogger can do but what kind of impact the person is capable of arousing with their writing and also its authenticity.  

An expert writer will popularize your brand with quality and engaging content that will be read by people interested in your products or services and also gets shared on social media. Look into these points and you can be sure of hiring an expert blog writer quickly. 


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Small Businesses and Startups- Start worrying if you don't have a business blog yet

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As a small business, you have to successfully compete with other businesses in your niche. As a startup you need to build your reputation against all odds. 

You also have to deal with the competition that’s coming from medium to large scale businesses in your industry. 

Business blog for small business and startups

In today’s competitive business scenario, how to effectively reach out to the right audience, garner attention towards your brand and attract customer? 

One step that can help effectively is Blogging and it's really not a bull shit

Here's what the numbers are saying

Blogs are very good marketing tools. According to a survey by Hubspot
  • 92% of companies acquired a customer by blogging more frequently 
  • 81% of marketers believe blogging paid off 
  • 60% of businesses that blogged got more customers than those which did not.
  • 46% of people read blogs more than once a day
  • 40% of US companies rely on blogging for marketing success
  • 55% more website traffic which have blogs

You may be operating on a small scale, but the best way to show your knowledge and skills is by giving out valuable information through a blog. Many small businesses do not realize the power of blogging in business promotion and what it can do to build your online reputation and credibility. 

If you have not taken to blogging already, here is look at the top six reasons as to why starting a blog can help your business:

1. Get up, close and personal to your customers–

As you start writing a blog you find yourself delving deeper for information and learning how to please customers by giving them what they like. After you write a couple of blog posts, you will start giving details in a very understandable form. 

In short, you will look at things more from the customer’s point of view which gets you closer to them. A blog will enable you to easily engage with the customer. 

For example if a customer poses a query and you respond immediately to this the customer knows that you are keeping track of their concerns. By doing so with the help of a blog post you will document it permanently and help multiple customers with similar problem in one go.

All this endears your business to people and brings customers to you store. 

2. Get Good Page Ranks And Visibility – 

Blog content that has the right keywords will be quickly indexed by search engine spiders. A link in the blog back to your site will bring more visitors arrive at your site. 

It will help to enhance your site’s page rank and online visibility. It will also make it more easily accessible to search engines and people actively seeking your products. This helps to enhance site traffic of relevant prospects, attracts customers and triggers sales. 

3. Cost Effective Marketing - 

It is not going to cost you anything to start a blog but it can be used in so many ways to attract customers and get people to buy your products or take up your services. 

Blogs are the best way of spreading information about a product or service. You can easily show your expertise in blog posts and popularize your brand. 

Just a lame reason of 'no time to blog' will take you nowhere.

When you can hire an SEO specialist who strive to build traffic unnaturally using black hat SEO techniques (!) then why can't you hire a blogger who can help with awesome blog content and bring leads to your website naturally? 

Either start blogging yourself or hire a blog content writer in your budget and spare yourself from wasting money in advertisements and useless marketing media. 

4. Making A Product Announcement Or Sale Offer – 

How do you make people know that you have a sale offer or a new product?

Spending money in large print advertisements, radio ads or television ads is expensive, particularly for a small business.  

Announce it in your blog and you can see for yourself how many people come to your store after reading the offer. This happens largely because people are actively searching for such details on the internet more than anywhere else, so giving such details in your blog has a greater impact than other advertising media.

5. Build Trust And Trigger Sales – 

Writing about issues that concern customers in your blog or showing your expertise on how consumers can get the best deal or offer helps to build trust with them. People will call asking about what you have written. 

The post will let them know your expertise, the high quality of your service and how it helps to resolve their problem. This brings in more phone calls on your products or services and trigger sales.  

6. Start A Blog Community – 

You can show how popular or well-liked your business is by initiating a community in your blog. The comments section of the blog is a great way to do this, with a group of people sharing their beliefs and feelings about your products or services. 

When they show their appreciation for your brand, it builds a positive image about it to people. They are running testimonials and live referrals. 

Those searching for information on your brand will find it a great way of getting details as they can read experiences of others and what they think about your product or service.

The bottom line is- 

Blogging is very important for a small business and startups as it can garner excellent publicity and attention towards them. It can also help them to reach out to those customers whom they could not have otherwise accessed. 

The reason for this is because blogging helps to spread awareness to a large volume of people in a short while on your own terms and conditions as a owner, which positively promotes brand awareness and sales figures. 

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5 Mistakes Your Business Blog Content Strategist Is Doing- Set Them Right Now

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Blog content strategist

Do you have a blog for your business which is not generating enough leads and customers?

Are you wondering where the problem lies even after hiring a 'good blog content strategist' and an 'online marketing professional' as well as an 'industry top SEO specialist'?

This (the blog content strategist) could be your potential problem camouflaged under high working experience and wonderful portfolio! 

Content is king and everyone marketing through the internet knows it. It’s how well you appeal to people with information about your products or services that captures consumer’s interest and triggers sales. 

If you have set up a business blog, but cannot find expected results from it, perhaps it is time to check out what your blog content strategist is doing. It’s not uncommon to find them succumbing to some mistakes because of which the blog does not get the kind of targeted traffic it should. 

There is more to building a successful blog for your business than just identifying the goals of your blog and its audience.

Business blog content planner

Here is a look at five mistakes your business blogging content strategist is doing and how to set them right: 

1. Not Having Quality Content – 

In the process of making your brand look good, much of the information is promotional rather than informative. Nothing bores a reader more than just plain marketing lingo. They don’t want ads. What a visitor is seeking is quality content that gives them valuable information, something that they can read and have a problem solved. This is what your strategist should focus on. 

The content should be well-written, but give valuable information that the reader can use to make a decision, know more about your product or learn about your service’s features etc. Creating content that tackles your audience’s needs and interests or which addresses their problems will automatically attract visitors and traffic. 

2. One Type Fits All – 

Your blog strategist is posting good content, but it’s the same across all platform and audiences. This does not work well. Various industries and markets have different audiences so tailor your content accordingly. Every customer group that your brand is targeting will have a specific content need and addressing how they like to read content helps you get across to them far more effectively and engage with them positively. 

Submit your information not just in the form of articles, but also blog posts, video, Twitter chats, Webinars, Presentations, White Papers etc. When using any particular content form, consider how much the audience will like it in order to achieve higher success rate with it. 

3. Going Viral By Yourself – 

Setting up a Facebook and Twitter account all sounds very easy and it can be setup quickly. However getting results from it is not what you think. 

If your blog strategist has done this and the results are not what you wanted, have the strategist hire an expert blog content writer or team and distribution service so that your brand reaches out to the right audience. 

This can prove to be a wise investment rather than doing any trial and error activities by yourself.  With so many brands using social media sites and the current standard of a good post being 100,000 views and a click-through rate of four percent, getting results requires experienced hands.

4. Content From The Heart –

One problem that is seen quite commonly is when people try to ‘sound right’ or ‘like what good business should behave’. If your blog posts are like this, chances are that few will remember what it was discussing. How many of us remember people who were well behaved in school, but the prankster certainly brings back memories. 

Your content does not have to get wrong attention, but should be colorful enough and from the heart. It should inspire readers to come back again and give good, insightful information that addresses their concerns. 

They should want to download what you offer after reading the post. Being a bit outspoken, bold and coming out charismatically is also essential to generate engaging content. 

Yeh ya, the so called 'blog content strategist' did this hit your butt!

5. Shouldn’t Be Too Promotional And Find Your Audience –  

Good content is not about how great your product or service is and this is a very common mistake that businesses make. In trying to promote your brand, the blog strategist may talk only about the best qualities of your brand’s products or services. 

Your blog strategy should be based on content that is tailored according to customer’s needs. It should clearly show how your product or service is addressing their problems or how it is giving a solution to them. This can be done in different and creative ways to engage readers interest.

Another mistake is thinking that just creating content and posting it will bring visitors. What needs to be done is finding out the right audience, reaching them where they are, enticing them with your offer, after which you will find them coming to your site to make a purchase. 

Conclusion- Creating the right content requires careful attention to detail, excellent presentation, talking from the heart and showing how your product or service addresses a consumer’s problems. Only then can your blog garner the attention you want and drive quality traffic to your website to trigger sales. 

After all, business blogging is all about generating leads and converting them into deals. This happens only if you can build trust by solving real problems and touching the emotions of your prospects. 

What your blog content strategist needs to understand is- Business blogging is more than just generating traffic; it is building customer relationship unlike regular blogs who are traffic oriented and ad revenue makers. 

Image Courtesy: www.freedigitalphotos.net


20 Hot Places to find Telecommuting Jobs to Work From Home

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The World Wide Web is all flooded with alludes of work at home opportunity advertisements but hardly anything reliable. Asking for money to invest and grabbing the credit card details has become a tale most of the aspirants have to tell. 

Work at home jobs

While not all the Work From Home (WFH) jobs offering sites and opportunities are spam, you definitely need to be over cautious. There are sites that are reliable and offer thousands of telecommuting jobs free as well as few other sites with a monthly fee for their services. 

To bring an end to this menace of spam job boards or advertising sites and in-order to help you out to find reliable telecommuting jobs that has flexible working hours here is a piece of hot cake for you to gulp in a jiffy!

Work from the comfort of your home in your couch, from your drawing room or sitting on your kitchen table with laptop in one hand and your coffee bug in the other!

Here is an exhaustive list of sites that have legit telecommuting jobs for you to work remotely that also include Freelance Blogging Jobs as well. 

Search your way to success- 

1) Monster.com search- Make the most of this awesome job hunting website to search for the type of job category you are looking for. Use its versatile search features to search for telecommuting jobs in your chosen field. 

2) Tjobs.com- Known for its USP i.e. providing flexible jobs for the needy, you can take a tour, register and start finding your job for nothing but plain success.
3) LinkUp- This is a job search engine that retrieves jobs free of spam since it searches jobs on company websites. Use appropriate keywords for the category of your job along with the words like telecommute, telecommuting, etc. 

4) SimplyHired.com- Yet another wonderful job hunting site that advertises a range of remote work opportunities. Use the keywords effectively and find your dream job.

5) Jobs on Twitter- Twitter, the micro blog social media platform is the mine of resources created by the people for the people. Search and bag what you deserve. 

6) MediaBistro- Ultimate place to find telecommuting jobs if you are opting for a media position. Search with keywords like freelance, WFH, etc.

Work at Home Jobs if you love to be in Jammies 24X7

7) WFH Company Directory- An awesome directory from About.com which has listings of companies that hire for jobs to be done from home. 

8) About.com Jobs- Provides opportunity to WFH and also offers flexible working hours not to mention their excellent pay structure and exposure for the author/writer.

9) WorkAtHomeSpace- Makes your dream come true and helps you juggle your work and domestic cores all from home. 

10) Rat Race Rebellion- This site mostly advertises sites that advertises WFH jobs. Explore and find the best that suits you.

11) MoneyMakingMommy- The only hard work you need to do to get access to the long list of jobs is to scroll down past the information content and ads.

12) WorkAtHomeSuccess- Find all the types of WFH jobs listed here for your earning from home success.

13) TelecommutingUSA- A huge collection of WFH and telecommuting jobs advertisement. 

14) WorkAtHomeCareers-  WFH jobs categorized in a range of niches all reliable and trustworthy. 

15) WorkAtHomeMoms- WFH jobs being posted and updated on daily basis; it is a collection of job advertisements. You can also find business opportunities here.

16) VirtualVocations- Get all the remote working opportunities listed in one place. 

Other sites where you can find work at home jobs-

17) JournalismJobs- Find some jobs related to online media and media in general that can have WFH positions. 

18) WritersWeekly- Jobs that are associated to writing field in particular which also have WFH opportunities. 

19) WriterFind- Find freelancing as well as telecommuting jobs posted on this site. 

20) FreelanceSwitch- Amongst all the types of jobs listed on this site you can also find hundreds of jobs which offer remote working options. 

Disclaimer- Though every single site suggested here is reliable to the heights of my knowledge, it is your prime responsibility to find a job that is legit enough and take-up a job at your own risk. 

Image Courtesy- FreeDigitalPhotos


Why Freelance Bloggers must Guest Blog even if it means writing for free?

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How wonderful it would be if 'clients' could find you for their blog content job outsourcing rather than 'you' hunting around the web for blogging jobs? If you are wondering about its really possibility, then stop wondering; this is indeed possible.

There are many great ways to make this happen.

Writing for free- guest blogging

For example- Your strong online presence (blogs) will attract clients through search engines, great fan following on your social profiles will lead clients to your den, and incredible networking is sure to spread a word about you like wild fire and generate continuous writing jobs for you.

Apart from these, Guest Blogging or Blogger Outreach or as I would like to call it 'Marketing yourself as a brand' could be your best client attracting magnet!

Getting people to find you and hire your writing services could not be done better than guest blogging. You will be easily visible through your by-line or bio under your guest post on a potential blog which has every chance to fetch you the most deserving job or writing project which you always wanted to do. 

Not only this, it is likely that you will be directly hired without even being asked to write a sample since your guest post has proved it all acting as your writing sample.

Blogs and start-ups are mushrooming every single day. New sites/blogs are looking constantly for quality writers to kick start their dreams. On the other hand, older or the seasoned blogs have huge demands to meet which makes their job impossible without hiring writers to fulfil their growing content demands.

If you choose the blogs carefully to guest post your articles, then you have earned yourself a great chance to be located by a potential client who is in need of awesome blog content writers like you. Your by-line only makes it easy for them to get back to you with an offer that is irresistible!

But, guest blogging most often than not, is a job done for FREE 

Free! You might write for free but remember, you are not paying for advertising yourself and spreading a word about your services as a freelance blogger, are you! 

And not to forget the benefit of your guest post being shared on social media by the webmaster and the audience of that popular blog.

Off-course there are blogs which pay you for writing guest posts and pay you well may be $50 per published post. But, there are mostly clauses associated with them. For instance- Make A Living Writing is open only for the Den members to get published for pay.

Self-branding and marketing

Okay now that you understand what is it like to write for free and made your mind to do so, one question arises- How?

Easier said than done, every big thing comes with a combination of hard-work and smart-work. Your dream of landing a great client or a high paying gig can only come true if you succeed to hit the right chords with your great article.

Hard-work means working hard on your article to make it rich enough to steal the attention. Smart-work means choosing the right blog, writing great by-line and every trick in-between.

Here are few things you need to consider:

1) Choose the right blog to guest post:

The blogs may be of an established freelance writer's blog who not only has great blog statistics like low Alexa Rank, high PR, great Moz Rank and huge traffic but also has the right kind of audience.

One of the easiest ways to find this is look out for the services page or hire me or hire services, etc on their blog. This indicates that potential clients may visit this blog for their content requirements.

You can even choose some of the niche sites that you are interested to grow your career in. You may consider technology blogs, travel and lesuier, SEO and SEM, parenting sites, etc. The chances are that the competitors in the same niche keep a track of such blogs and you can grab the eye balls with your awesome article and get a chance to write for them. People keep a watch on their competitors’ blogs not only to see the trends but also to look out for their content providers.

2) Choosing an effective title to guest blog:

Choose a title which speaks about your job while it also offers a solution to a problem that the your target blog audience might be trying to figure out. In-addition to this, meeting the webmaster’s guest posting guidelines is crucial so that your guest post is accepted by the webmaster.

Also, see to it that your article has more chances of being found by search engines and come to surface even after your post dies off from the homepage! It is a good idea to come up with solution to a recurring problem rather than temporary.

3) Writing an efficient and effective freelancer by-line:

An efficient by-line is one which provides means to connect to you. It maybe your blog, social media profile or an about me page with contact details. It could even be as simple as providing your email id if you do not have any of the above (which I strongly believe you should have).

Effective by-line should include your name, education, your resident city and your work place (even if you work from home just include that). The most important is including link to your Google Plus profile with author markup.

So are you now ready to write for free?

Do you now get what it means being able to work-hard and smart together?

Let us know about your opinion and may be give us more tips on doing this right.


Work from home opportunities for every skill that you have


The world has transformed the way it does business, thanks to the internet. With more and more people spending more and more item at their work stations, their other needs are also taken care of online, thanks to a few enterprising souls. Online businesses are booming, giving rise to work from home opportunities for multitudes.

Work from home opportunities

The huge advantage of WFH is that you can begin immediately; using your existing skill set (e.g. content writing or freelance blogging).

The difficulty in classifying these WFH opportunities is that they are very diverse and new ones crop up each day. So let’s take a look at some of the more popular ones.

1) Data Entry

Business thrives on timely and systematic information. Copious amounts of data is mined and organized to help the strategists make their decisions. The gathering and organizing is outsourced to smaller cheaper firms. Thus the data entry –work from home jobs that scream out from classifieds, flyers or that pop up on various sites require you to just type out a load of data within a stipulated time and post it at the designated site or mail it to your contact person.

The downside is that can get repetitive and it may not pay as much as writing original content for websites.

2) Content Writing

This is a huge (and level) playing field.

a) Ghost-Writing: You deal with your contact only. You do not know where your articles are being posted, whether they are being modified and most certainly, you are never going to see your name appear as author of the content. 

The work has been outsourced (by maybe the parent company whose products have to be written about or a larger US based concern that specializes in finding the ‘Outsources’) to your contacts; they may be a group of individuals working together or a registered company. You would be fourth (or lower) in the hierarchy, and do understand that freelance content writers are the cheaper option.

Your writing may also be in the form of guest posts on blogs. Again, the busy blogger has hired a content writing company to do their work, and they in turn have hired you. Busy blogger needs more visibility for his site; it needs to look like a lot of people are visiting and posting.

The upside of this seemingly gloomy picture is that you do not have to search for work. Once you produce consistently good work and establish yourself with the people who have hired you, you get a steady stream of work. I have known people who make as much as 30,000 INR writing content 5 hours a day, five days a week. The other advantage is that when you go on a holiday, you need only inform your guys in advance that you would not be available to write for a specified period.

Online tutorials probably work the same way, except that you may have to be available for your student across time zones.

b) Content Writing for Websites or Freelance Blogging: A more lucrative content writing option is to directly establish contact with the owners of the website. Register yourself on a good freelance website and watch queries flood your inbox. You can pick one or two people to write for, and the money is better and negotiable – they just want unique and good content.The disadvantage is you have to market yourself.

Types of Freelance Blogging Jobs

3) Medical transcription:

You would need to do a little course, that essentially acquaints you with medical terms and the varied European accents (believe me, the audio files that you get can be a nightmare). Downside – very tight time schedule – it has to be delivered before the doctor on the other side of the world wakes up to the new working day. No doubt, you are paid better for the special skill and inconvenience you take on.

4) Services

Explore your entrepreneurial flair, here. Let me illustrate- Xyz.com has a database of all restaurants in your area/city. Customers logon and place your order from any of the listed places. Their food is delivered home. They pay for the food and tip the guy if you want; the restaurant pays your site for bagging and delivering the order.

Clearly, the sky’s the limit. You need to think out-of-the-box, create win-win situations and you are good to go.

5) Selling

Another example! ABC.com sells Indian handicrafts only via their website. The four partners live in 3 different cities and each works from the comfort of their home. Partner 1 manages the website (maintenance, redesign etc). Partner 2 designs the stuff and liaises with artisans (so there is some travel for her). Partner 3 handles the billing procedures. Partner 4 ensures delivery and manages customer complaints.

WFH can be as diverse or repetitive, as risky or secure as you want it to be. You can choose to grow at your own pace.

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How To Easily Embed Chatwing into Your Site

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Starting an online business requires a lot of effort, especially when it comes to gathering more clients. As such, it is important that as the site owner, you must treat each and one of them with utmost importance. There are a lot of ways in how you can provide customer satisfaction – one of it by providing a chatting tool they can use to communicate directly with you.  And when it comes to setting a chatting tool on your site, using Chatwing is going to be your best option. 

Setting up this nifty gadget on your site is very easy. And if you’re the type of person who wants to do things that aren’t much of a hassle, then you’re surely going to love this. Here’s how…

First you need to have a Chatwing account. You can gain one by registering at the site. It’ll only ask for a valid e-mail, a password, and agreeing to their policies (click on the box) so it’s surely hassle-free.

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Chatwing tool

Afterwards, you’ll be headed to the Dashboard. This is the place where you can create new chatroom boxes, customize existing ones and use them. For now, you’re provided with a default chatbox, so press the Use Chatbox button and head on to the next step.

chatting tool

The next step is choosing how to use your chatbox. You can either use it directly, or embed it in your site, or use a popout icon that will show the chatroom in another window once clicked. Since you’r embedding the chatroom as a whole, click on the Embedding Options tab. You’ll see a scale which you’ll need to use if you want to adjust the size of the chatroom when it goes live on your site.

chatwing tool

After that, you’ll need to copy the code below the adjustment scale – this is the html code for the chatbox. Paste the code into your site’s widget section (if it has one) or paste it directly as a new post (though this doesn’t work with free wordpress sites). After saving your progress, your site will have chatroom for you and your readers to use. 

chatwing tutorial

Chatwing is a great chatting tool to use, and it even gets better after you have customized it. To do so, all you have to do is go back to the dashboard page, choose the chatbox you want to modify and press the Customize Chatbox button. The customization page is where most of Chatwing’s functions are located and can be modified for better use. 

Here’s what it looks like:

And here’s what a Chatbox would look like after modification:

As of now, Chatwing is still being improved to provide for the needs of its users. It has been proven to be a very effective tool in connecting people and bringing them much closer through live chat. And if you’re a site owner who’s still looking for a chatting tool to compliment your site, then you better try this one. This chat software is very effective and affordable too – it’s free


Is Hiring a Professional Content Writer the Best Way to Put Your SEO Strategy Into Action?

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Hire blogger
Out Sourcing content writing for website

If you are launching a new blog or a site for your business, chances are one of the first things you've considered is how you are going to get it to where you want it to be in Google search results related to the kind of thing you do. SEO strategies are essential to making a website gain traction with the right people, or even just making sure it doesn't get lost among the billions of other sites on the web. 

Of course, coming up with the keywords you want to target and ideas about where you want to try and get backlinks is just the start – you also need to generate all the content for your own site and any guest blogs and comments for other sites that will link back to you. 

Many companies and individual writers offer content creation services where they will implement your keywords and links in articles, comments and other content you can use on your blog or as guest posts, or post on article directories to create more backlinks. 

But is this really going to be better for you than writing all that content yourself?

Hiring Writers

Hiring a professional writer with knowledge of SEO to come up with content for you isn't necessarily that expensive, though you will usually be charged by the word or article so the more stuff you need to execute your SEO plans, the more you'll have to spend. 

You can find writers and writing companies by looking for their own websites, or you can use platforms like Elance and Freelancer where you can invite people to bid on your work and accept the ones whose portfolios you think suit your requirements and whose prices fit your budget.

Prices can be disparate but when it comes to the content for your own website or for guest blog posts on other reputable sites, you will want to find a good writer who has English as their first language (a lot of content creation companies are staffed by offshore resources), and understands your needs in terms of keyword density and links. 

Regardless of location, most writers offer prices in US dollars, so bear this in mind when working out your budget as dollars are worth less than pounds, so a quote may be cheaper than it seems.

Return on Investment

If you want something very authoritative about a complicated or specialist subject, for example medical or legal content, you may need to pay a little more for someone experienced in this. However, this will allow you to generate the content you need without using up much of your own time and you may find that the savings in terms of your own man hours is worth it. 

What is important however is to monitor return on investment – this is something that will hopefully ramp up over time, so don't get disheartened if you spend a couple of hundred on content and don't get it back in new business in the first month, but make sure you have a way to keep track.

This post was contributed by marketing specialist Adam Livermore, who heads up UK based SEO, internet marketing and social media strategy consultancy Consult 3. When he is not working with clients to develop effective marketing strategies, Adam is a tech fanatic who loves finding out about the latest ways to make the most of the web.

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